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    Just read it. Very interesting. I would argue furiously if I was an in patient and anyone tried to take my insulin pump or cgm off me. Direct complaint to senior management if they even tried and I was able to do so. Hospitals and health professionals in general or unrelated care will typically understand the diabetes rule book - which is ok for generic ‘how it works’ but not for someone who is on a pump who has taken a few months to get your levels balanced on a pump - plus often needs tweaking. Applying generic rules simply is not good enough to deprive someone of a working system if
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    Awful to hear your experience and thank you for sharing @Teresa1. I agree with @Exonian. The Campaign is fantastic and unites so many women who have had dreadful experiences. It is gaslighting when you’re prevented/persuaded not to have the option of GA that is clearly part of RCOG guidance. Services should be there to support women’s choice. It’s their right.
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    Hi Leo, that's a very good question and it would be great to get some discussion going about this. I met yesterday with some primary care patient safety leads. I'm about to write to them so will add you question and invite them to respond. Thanks Helen
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    Hi @Jules Gabrielle That's great to hear. What a positive experience with caring staff. Thank you for sharing. If you'd like to, Care Opinion are a fantastic organisation for giving feedback to NHS organisations. The feedback is available to share with individual staff members and in these difficult times, that's always great to hear
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    Hi @CarrieThat's so horrible, that the pain and trauma of a past experience is so terrifying to consider, that future diagnostic and treatments options just can't be coped with. Wise words @Katharine Tylko as ever.
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    Thx for sharing. You’re right, it doesn’t seem to be getting better from the many testimonies shared with us. Barbaric and misogynistic. I’m raising with the newly appointed Patient Safety Commissioner
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    There isn’t enough research to help differentiate and help with risk assessment. That’s part of the problem. That’s my understanding too, that those that have given birth by Caesarian section are more vulnerable to pain. I wonder @Katharine Tylko Whether there is research on that?
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    Hi @Colette Laws-Chapman What a good question! Lets add any answers and content to the hub Searching the hub, I found this. Helpful?
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    Absolutely shocking responses to a Sling The Mesh survey. Blog being published by@Kath Sansom shortly on this.
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    Hi @Dagg Thank you so much for sharing your experience and the broadly very supportive approach at St James’. If you’d like to, Care Opinion are a good way of reporting back to service providers, positive (and indeed negative) feedback. It’s great to know that good practice is being applied
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    Too right @Steve Turner And staff managing complaints seem to be ostracised within the Trust ‘Complaints staff attributed this lack of timely action to an avoidant and defensive attitude towards complaints on the frontline, contributing to their sense of being othered within the institution’
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    How horrendous for you. Thank you for posting your experience as we hope that greater awareness will lead to change and the end to this barbaric experience. As @Elliemay suggests, the Campaign group are a good place to seek support and advice. And I agree that Care Opinion to share information as well as, if you feel able to do this, a more formal complaint to the Trust. I hope your recover soon. Such a terrible trauma you’ve been through.
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    Hi @Lynne Williams That's awful for you. And shows that the impact for patient safety goes far beyond the initial harm and moral injury. Thanks for sharing, Helen
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    Hi @Alison R thank you, that’s really helpful, excellent suggestion. We’d be very happy to share anything that’s developed for wider benefit and learning. I didn’t get to raise on my call this morning so I’m following up with an email. I’ll let you know any suggestions that come back from this. Helen
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    That’s gruesome, I’m so sorry to hear this. Completely unacceptable and against all the guidance. We must must must make this barbaric process stop. it’s not always easy to follow up and complain. It’s my view that such harm should be reported as a serious safety incident by the staff and then fully investigated. @Claire Cox do you think we could encourage a formal thematic review of these cases?
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    Hi Kerry, good idea. I’m not sure but I’m speaking to an Assistant Director and PS lead of a MH Trust tomorrow with the PS leads at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. I’ll ask them if they have a template or criteria. And if not, who might they suggest we approach. Thanks, Helen @Steve Turner any suggestions? @Claire Cox Shall we ask the PSMN members on Friday?
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    Hi Alison, that’s great, looking forward to connecting on that. H helen@patientsafetylearning.com
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    Thanks Cake, very pleased too that you were offered those options, exactly what we are looking for everyone. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and wishing you well for the procedure. I don’t know if you’d like to give the Trust feedback but Care Opinion are a fabulous service and website if you’d like to do so. Always great to recognise good quality and responsive care. Best wishes Helen
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    Hi Alison, Great question, we'll help you find out. Suggest that we raise with the Patient Safety Manager Network group and see if they know. @Claire Cox Are you ok to follow up? Also we can promote your question widely through our social media. Are you happy for us to include you in the tweet directly? If so, let me have the details and we'll get on to that. We don't have to, so no worries if you'd prefer anonymity. I'm also working with South London and Maudsley FT and I'll ask their Assistant Director lead, she's a role at the Royal College so might know. Might be good t
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    Thank you for your comment, it’s very heartening to hear your experience. Clearly it was uncomfortable but you were well looked after and reassured. Best wishes, Helen
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    A huge thank you for sharing your initially horrendous experience and then of the excellent and compassionate care. I very much support your final point.
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    Thank you all for sharing your ghastly experiences. You should not have been violated in this way, it’s barbaric and completely unacceptable. We’re supporting and promoting the excellent work that Hysteroscopy Action are taking to drive change. I’ve been talking today about the Women’s health strategy that is being developed and the need to ensure the governments approach includes the experience of women experiencing pain, not receiving information for legal content, being traumatised and left anxious for future care. And the action needed to prevent this avoidable harm. We want to p
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    Really so kind of you to share your experience and so pleased it was so positive, even if a little uncomfortable at times. Well done to Perth Royal Infirmary
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    Hi Abigail, Great that you like the hub, thanks for the feedback. And of course, we welcome you sharing with friends and colleagues so more can benefit and contribute. I'd love to hear more about your PhD and it looks invaluable to the work we're doing. I'll email you separately, Helen
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    So sorry to hear your experience Jane, three times, ghastly. Following the guidance, NHS provision and support is patchy and inconsistent. Something that campaigners have been highlighting for years. The broad response is ‘the guidance is there, NHS providers need to follow it.’ Not much help to women when clearly this doesn’t happen. The government have just published a vision for a Women’s health strategy, a few days ago. We will continue to support campaigners and push for action. A strategy, a policy, a commitment is not enough whilst women are experiencing such avoidable pain.