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  • About Patient Safety Learning 

    Patient Safety Learning is a charity and independent voice for improving patient safety. The drive to create Patient Safety Learning was born from the frustration of seeing the same themes emerge time and time again in healthcare systems around the world.

    There has been an increase in patient safety improvement projects in local organisations, but we need a more systematic approach to sharing knowledge and information about which patient safety initiatives and solutions work.

    Patient Safety Learning harnesses the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment of healthcare organisations, professionals and patients for system-wide change.

    the hub: improving shared learning for patient safety 

    the hub is an online platform for patient safety. Designed with input from patient safety professionals, clinicians and patients, we created the hub after identifying shared learning as one of the six evidence-based foundations of safer care. It offers a powerful combination of tools, resources, stories, case studies and good practice to anyone who wants to make care safer for patients. Its communities of interest give people a place to discuss patient safety concerns and how to address them. Membership is free – you can register here.

    We officially launched the hub on 2 October 2019 and, to date, it has had 920,000 visits.



    Although we are delighted with the continued growth of the hub, we are most proud of the relationships that the hub is facilitating and the good work that’s happening as a result.

    Find out more about how the hub is being used to improve patient safety.

    We want to hear about you 

    Every voice is important. Whether you’re a patient, carer, clinician, researcher, student or patient safety professional, you’ll have some experience of patient safety. 

    If you’re not already registered, you can register for free. If you’re already a member of the hub, you can share your content or join a Community discussion. We would love you to be a part of our growing network, as we speak up, take action and work together towards a patient-safe future.

    We would also love to hear your ideas and feedback as we continue to develop the hub.

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