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    It’s very kind of you to share your experience with us. How absolutely awful, it’s shocking to hear. The staff ‘appeared kind and caring’ was such a telling phase. From what you outline, they must have seen how much pain and distress you were in. I agree with you, we must ensure that women are provided with the information and support they need, so that women don’t experience such avoidable pain. The guidance is there, it needs to be followed. Thank you again and sending you my very best wishes. Helen
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    Thank you. You must be so relieved. It's great to be able to promote a 'good news' outcome.
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    Thank you so much for posting. I’m so pleased it worked out really well for you and the staff sound fabulous. Have you thought about sharing on CareOpinion too? It’s a great site for giving positive feedback that shared directly with the staff concerned.
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    Last Friday I joined the Patient Safety Management Network where the topic of discussion was AARs – what was already known, what wasn’t, how people are implementing AARs, the benefits they’re seeing and what more is needed to help people share their experiences and useful ‘how to’ resources. Here I’ll briefly summarise this valuable discussion and the insights shared by members of the Network, which included both Patient Safety Managers and Assistant Directors of Patient Safety and Quality, with a wide range of professional backgrounds and knowledge in the topic. This is ahead of Judy Wa
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    Dear Donna, what a gruesome experience, I'm so sorry to hear how awful it was. Thank you for sharing. We will continue to work with campaigners to stop this torture and hope that these terrible personal stories will make the NHS take notice. Helen
  6. Content Article Comment
    Thank you for your comment. It’s a dreadful and upsetting set of circumstances. My husband was recently in hospital and the experience of calls being unattended was routine. This was clearly devastating for the patient, her family and all involved. It reinforces the need for a safety systems approach and sufficient resources to ensure that risks are assessed and managed. There are 50k nursing vacancies in the NHS, this comes with significant safety consequences. I strongly agree with your point of the need to prioritise for acuity and dependency, clearly a huge challenge for the serv
  7. Content Article
    The Patient Safety Management Network is growing from strength to strength and last week’s drop-in session was a brilliant example of the value of people getting together and sharing insights, experience and photos of small dogs. Debbie, Charlotte, Hannah and Thomas are an enthusiastic powerhouse of a patient safety team from Sussex Community NHS Foundation Trust. They were invited to share how they have been developing the Trust’s approach to patient safety, building a positive and proactive team even in this last year, during the pandemic. They were inspiring, sharing their passion, vis
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    Thank you for posting. I’m really pleased it worked out well for you and your health is good. Such a relief. It would be awful if women are put off having a necessary procedure because of fear of pain. But as you say, the percentage of women who do experience severe pain is very high. I don’t know the evidence base for the Drs statement that women who have an injection have higher pain scores. Does anyone reading this post have more information on this?
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    Sobering example and very good advice. Would you mind us turning this into a blog? @Patient Safety Learning
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    David makes a valid point, CEOs must be able to listen to those that raise concerns, staff and patients. And that how issues are raised will be affect this, I’m sure. But we have so much evidence that there is a failure to acknowledge and respond to concerns. We need a culture that celebrates and takes action when people highlight where improvements are needed. Think it’s Appropriate to add one of my favourite Einstein quotes: insanity, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results
  11. Community Post
    Hi all, I've a personal experience which I'll share, but it has to be un-attributable. After 5 cancellations of surgery over the last 18 months (partly Covid, partly building maintenance and partly because there were no post surgery ICU beds available), my friend/family member was told that they were being referred to a specialist hospital, relatively nearby. No explanation was given as to whether this was a matter of clinical urgency, capacity or another factor. Within a few weeks, they were phoned up by the specialist hospital and told that the referral should never have been made
  12. Content Article Comment
    Excellent blog, thanks Becky. A colleague of mine has brought this project to my attention:https://www.visualdx.com/projectimpact/ It’s a Global project with a strong US focus. Many members of the ILDS are contributing to this project https://ilds.org/our-members/ Our Mission Project IMPACT is a global effort brought to you by VisualDx to reduce disparities in medicine and highlight the tools we use to bridge gaps of knowledge and improve care.
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    Thanks so much for taking time to share your experience. Glad it worked out well for you. That’s an excellent idea, the ‘dry run.’ Is that widely available, I wonder? I’m sure colleagues will let us know!
  14. Community Post
    Thank you for sharing your ghastly experience. It drives us @Patient Safety Learning to support the wonderful campaigners that have been exposing this obscenity, affecting so many women. I hope we can deliver the change needed to stop this. Women should not be exposed to this pain. It’s avoidable. I’m so sorry that you suffered in this way, the pain and the betrayal. Helen
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    Hi Helen, thank you for sharing your horrible experience with us. I hope that you are able to receive the care you need without fear or pain. We are working closely with @Katharine Tylko and her wonderful colleagues at CAPH. They also have a FB group where women are sharing their stories too. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1564972663700527&id=193342597530214 We will not stop until these significant patient safety concerns are addressed. You might find our latest blog on this issue of interest. https://www.patientsafetylearning.org/blog/minister-acknowledges-p