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    I am passionate about sharing learning to improve patient safety - using insights from clinicians, patients, patient safety and human factors experts, researchers, leaders, everyone to help make the change we need for a patient-safe future
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  1. Content Article Comment
    One of the most powerful responses I’ve heard to the pandemic. Wonderful insight and advice. Thank you, Sally. I’m going to share widely. Helen
  2. Community Post
    Thanks David. I’ve promoted on my FB and LinkedIn accounts too. Hope you’re well and safe. Helen
  3. Community Post
    Think I’d do the same! Need a clinician’s input here @Claire Cox what do you think?
  4. Content Article Comment
    Well said Kathy. Some of this is resourcing but much of this is prioritisation that doesn’t put patient and staff safety as a core purpose. Lessons must be learned
  5. Content Article Comment
    ‘There are not any showers for nurses at work.’ Outrageous. We have to care for staff. No staff safety, no patient safety
  6. Content Article Comment
    Great that Royal Free have recognised the necessity of supporting staff at this very difficult time. Wondeful that your skills, energey and compassion are being released to support this. Please do keep us in touch with insights into how its all going. I'm sure there's valuable learning that others can benefit from. Best wishes, Helen
  7. Article Comment
    I worry that the new NHSI PS incident framework allows organisations to chose whether they investigate or not. Those with poor safety cultures could chose to avoid proper investigation. No learning and no action will inevitably lead to further harm @Joanne Hughes
  8. Community Post
    There is much that is well intentioned in this framework. I think there is much that will not achieve the aims and may result in serious unintended consequences. I'm drafting a blog to kick off discussion.
  9. Content Article Comment
    James says 'If our understanding of, and our systems for, patient feedback are limited to seeing it simply as data, concerns, compliments, or even stories, then I think we are missing this bigger picture. Feedback is a relationship. It is one way that people receiving a service can express their care, in return, for those who provide it, and for others who will use it. It is an expression of the values of equality and mutuality which lie at the heart of our health service. Our current approaches to patient feedback recognise little of this – and it is time they did.' Absolutely. Completely agree
  10. Content Article Comment
    Brilliant as ever @MartinL I learn so much from your insights and advice. I wonder whether the NHSI Patient Safety Incident Response Framework will reflect this wisdom? https://improvement.nhs.uk/resources/future-of-patient-safety-investigation/
  11. Community Post
    Interesting there’s a bbc 3 and bbc 2 programme on SW London MH Trust tonight
  12. Content Article Comment
    Thank you. 'it is up to the investigator/team to establish the facts including obtaining information from those involved' Absolutely. One of the challenges that we hear is whether such people/teams have the capacity to respond as you outline. Commitment and knowledge does need to be matched with sufficient resources to investigate, learn and then take action. Any insights that you have of good practice, we'd love to hear from you - in a blog or sharing policies, SOPs, guidance etc. Helen
  13. Content Article Comment
    I think collectively that many have forgotten that reporting is about learning and taking action to prevent errors and harm. It’s not an activity my it’s own right! It’s also part of caring for and an accountability to staff, saying that we your concerns matter and we’re going to take them seriously. Danielle, I love your suggestions. We’re going to be collating examples of great practice to share and we’ll start with these! If you’ve more detailed information or would write a blog on what you do and the impact it has, that would be wonderful. helen@patientsafetylearning.org
  14. Community Post
    Hi Claire, this must have been awful for everyone. Is this a legal requirement, that a consultant must sign a form?
  15. Content Article Comment
    I've just re-read. Too good a series just to read once. My favourite quote on this one is 'Scheduling 12-hour days – well it keeps investigators in work.' Sadly, I think 12 hour shifts are becoming the norm in healthcare. And that excludes the journey to and from work.