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  • Moderation of content

    All Learn content on the hub is reviewed by a team of Patient Safety Learning moderators before it is published to ensure it meets our quality standards and is suitable and credible content. The moderators also monitor all the comments and conversations taking place in the hub communities. The role of the moderator is key to ensuring that the hub is a welcoming and safe place for people to share their experiences and knowledge and build vibrant communities.

    Content shared

    Moderators ensure that any content shared meets our content criteria and rules for submission. See How to share content for more information. Moderators will, but their activities will not be limited to:

    • Review and moderate all member-generated content and posts across the platform.
    • Ensure our content quality and standards are met.
    • Confirm the author has used the correct content template.
    • Check that all links work.
    • Ensure that attachments are not corrupted and contain suitable content.
    • Approve, revise or reject content.
    • Give feedback to users on their content if it needs further work before publication.
    • Monitor other users’ comments made on content posted.
    • Ensure content and posts are appropriately categorised and tagged.
    • Ensure where possible content posted is always the most up-to-date version.
    • Ensure confidentiality of personal information.
    • Provide advice on how to use the hub.
    • Investigate any content that has been reported to us by users of the hub.
    • Remove content from the hub that breaches our Acceptable use policy, Terms and conditions or Privacy policy.

    Communities and comments

    Our team of moderators continuously monitor conversations in the communities and the comments on posts to ensure they meet the hub’s Acceptable use policy. Moderators will:

    • Ensure that conversations are appropriate to patient safety.
    • Ensure that members do not purposefully move the conversation too far away from the original conversation or post.
    • Not allow inappropriate language or personal attacks on others.
    • Ensure comments on other member’s content are constructive and respectful.
    • Evaluate and action user reporting and community violations promptly and effectively, in its sole discretion
    • Assist and respond in relation to any dispute or complaint.
    • Ensure confidentiality of personal information is not compromised.
    • Remove posts that breach our guidelines.
    • Provide advice on how to use the hub.
    • Suspend accounts and process appeals.
    • Block direct messaging if found to contain harmful and abusive content.

    Member reputation

    Every piece of content on the hub has a ‘Was this content useful' thumbs up button, which allows users to like a piece of content or a comment. Members can build up their hub reputation by the number of posts they make that receive a ‘thumbs up’. A member’s hub reputation will show on their profile (novice, fair, good, excellent and expert) and members will receive a notification when their reputation moves up to the next level.

    Members who reach an ‘expert’ hub reputation are recognised as continuously submitting high quality content to the hub over a given period of time. 

    Warning thresholds 

    If Patient Safety Learning deems your behaviour on the hub to be inappropriate you will receive advice and a warning from a moderator. Rules of using the hub are outlined in our Acceptable use policy  and Terms and conditions pages. Users of the hub can also report content to the moderators. Moderators will take these reports seriously and look into the concerns raised.

    Depending on the severity of behaviour, moderators will issue an email providing advice or containing the reason for the warning. The post or piece of content may be removed from the hub. Repeat offenders may have their account suspended or removed from the hub.

    Patient Safety Learning will have final decision on all publication of content on the hub and has the right to remove content, take down conversations and suspend or close accounts at any time.

    If you have a question about moderation, please contact moderator@pslhub.org

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