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    I am the Associate Director for Patient Safety Learning alongside being a critical care outreach nurse.
    If you would to contribute to the hub, but would like some advise or support with the content please contact me.
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    Associate Director for Patient Safety

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    I feel strongly that having courage to come to work to do your job and improve care for patients is a symptom of a failed system. Giving safe care or innovating ways to give safe care should be a 'thing we all do' not a 'thing other people do' .
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    Hi @Dan Cohen, great reflections, thank you. I would love to know where this Dr is now who said the opening statement. I wonder if his view has now changed? I remember when I spoke at a meeting - full of doctors. One of them, who was chairing said ' Yes, it's all very well learning from mistakes - I have never made a mistake in my entire career, but I suppose others have, we could learn from them' So there are people like you describe around, however I am hoping they are a very small minority. Arrogance and ego is a huge barrier to cross...be great to hear from others any techniques for overcoming this in clinical practice.............
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    What is NHSX?

    Claire Cox
    This web page includes: What NHSX do How they work Apps and tools for patient care Policies and strategy Blogs and updates
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    These web pages offer information on: Who MRHA are MRHAs responsibilities MRHAs priorities Advisory bodies
  5. Content Article
    These webpages provide information on how to submit case reviews to the National Guardian’s Office, upcoming dates for the Freedom to Speak Up Foundation Training, and a comprehensive list of publications from the office including guidance for the Freedom to Speak Up Guardian role.
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    Information can be found on: How investigations are undertaken and why Completed investigations and recommendations Contacts
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    The widespread implementation of CPOE thoughout the U. has benefited clinicians and patients, but it also vividly illustrates the risks and unintended consequences of digitising a fundamental healthcare process, this paper published in PSNet explains how and why.
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    This is an interview with sepsis survivor Julia, who gives insight into her own personal battle with the condition.
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