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    I am the Associate Director for Patient Safety Learning alongside being a critical care outreach nurse.
    If you would to contribute to the hub, but would like some advise or support with the content please contact me.
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    Associate Director for Patient Safety

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  1. Community Post
    I attended a trauma call in my hospital the other day - dressed head to toe in PPE, we couldn't hear each other or knew who each other were. Since this happened - we have not got these stickers to go on our PPE . These are great for adhoc teams that come together in extremis (such as trauma calls)
  2. Content Article
    This web page offers numerous resource pages which include: drug monitoring medicines management during this crisis summary of drugs for COVID-19.
  3. Content Article
    This alert relates to the risk of harm caused by the interruption of HFNO to babies, children and adults in acute respiratory failure without hypercapnia during patient transfer. Some HFNO delivery devices have a transport mode, but most require mains power and will not deliver oxygen during transfer unless attached to a compatible uninterruptible power supply (UPS) device. The alert asks providers to add clear labels to HFNO delivery devices to make staff aware that even brief interruptions to mains power supply could lead to respiratory and cardiac arrest; and that HFNO in any emergency department or short stay unit must not be started without a plan for how to transfer the patient onwards. Where a UPS is used, action must be taken on the storage and maintenance of UPS devices to ensure they are ready for use and staff know where to locate them.
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    This version updates the 27 March publication by providing definitions of droplets by particle size and adding three relevant publications.
  5. Community Post
    Sadly, I am not a GP.... I have tweeted this post out in the hope of getting some responses back. I think there is a real urgency for guidance and reassurance to patients about when and who to call for help from at this time. We are also seeing a reduction in the amount of people attending ED...where are the 'usual' sick patients, the GI bleeds, the strokes.....I do hope they are not dying at home.