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    I am the Associate Director for Patient Safety Learning alongside being a critical care outreach nurse.
    If you would to contribute to the hub, but would like some advise or support with the content please contact me.
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    Associate Director for Patient Safety

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    Episode 1: (1.20) Carl gives us an update on the England and Wales admission data. (3.00) Helen talks about ways in which spread and severity of infection amongst household contacts. (8.20) We talk natural history of covid-19, and Harlan Krumholz, cardiologist at Yale, tells us what we know, and why it's difficult to have a full picture at the moment. (15.10) Helen picks up on a study from Tim Spectre and colleagues using an app to track cases. (20.00) Henry Scowcroft, one of The BMJ's patient editor, who also works for Cancer Research UK, joins us to talk about patients who are taking part in clinical trials, and how this is affecting them. He also touches on the thin patient participation in the design of covid treatment guidelines. (24.10) Carl talks rapidity of publishing, and where researchers should most target their evidence outreach.