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    Hi Derek, I've added it as an attachment as the link is no longer available. Hopefully you are able to download this now.
  2. Community Post
    @ElspethJ that doesn't sound like it offered what you needed? What services would you like to see available for people with Long Covid, particularly those who haven't been hospitalised? Did your GP give any indication that anything else was in the pipeline?
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    Hi @Lea I spoke to another person who has been suffering from persisting symptoms of Covid and they advised that a rehab service might be set up at Beccles hospital to serve people from east Suffolk and south Norfolk. Worth trying to call them, and asking your GP for an update/ info too as they may know more about new local resources.
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    From the Head of ICU at the Royal Free (shared via Facebook): “Dear All, I have just finished a very useful ICU / NHS Nightingale teleconference, the aim of which was to consolidate experiences about CV19 and how best to manage the disease. I have provided a summary below. Please understand that the information is experience, not evidence. I think it highlights a number of areas that we need to discuss URGENTLY as a group. The take home message is that advice given at the beginning of this journey needs to be adapted as we learn more about CV19. The other important thing to begin to
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    A Facebook follower, commented the following re emergency dental services and local responses...
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    My mum has been losing weight for almost six months (unexplained). She is undergoing tests to see if she has a rare adrenal tumour. Due partly to how long the analysis takes for these tests, they have taken a long time. Her consultant appointment is due end of April - now to be done over the telephone. If they do discover it is the adrenal tumour, she would need further investigation to identify whether or not it is cancerous (usually not cancerous) and potentially an operation to remove it so she can recover (fairly good outcome stats). My concern is that if this appointment gets cancell
  7. Content Article Comment
    Amazing blog...is everyone really being expected to bring their uniforms back to their family homes to wash? As a patient, I am so angry that our NHS heroes are feeling frightened unprotected and that they are failing in multiple areas of life, when they are actually holding everything together for the country.
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    The Health and Social Care Select Committee is currently holding an inquiry to consider the preparedness of the UK to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. MPs will focus their discussion on measures to safeguard public health, options for containing the virus and how well prepared the NHS is to deal with a major outbreak. At Patient Safety Learning we are gathering #safetystories from both staff and patients to highlight the challenges for safety in healthcare that are resulting from the pandemic. Ahead of the Committee’s next oral evidence session we have raised several urgent safety issu
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    Hi, these may be of interest/help... Mental health and well-being during coronavirus crisis (15 March 2020) WHO: Coping with stress during the 2019-nCoV outbreak
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    This blog may be of interest to this thread too - Coronavirus means difficult, life-changing decisions for me and my cancer patients
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    I'm being made more and more aware of this lately too. It led me to this very interesting blog site ...
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    Not sure if this is the same one Helen, but there's a documentary with Stacey Dooley out tomorrow - she spends some time in a '136 unit' (designated place of safety). https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p082bxzn
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    I thought that as a copywriter and passionate advocate of clear and simple language, I was all too aware of the dangers of using jargon. During a health and safety training course, I was proved wrong... The facilitator, a community nurse, told us a story of when she was looking after patients who'd had knee replacements. She noticed very few were recovering at home as quickly as she might have expected. It wasn't until she unpicked the advice given to them and the language used that she found the answer. Language. Her patients had all been advised to elevate their leg. It turned out