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  1. News Article
    Artificial intelligence (AI) tools and deep learning models are a powerful tool in cancer treatment. They can be used to analyse digital images of tumour biopsy samples, helping doctors quickly classify the type of cancer, predict prognosis and guide a course of treatment for the patient. However, unless these algorithms are properly calibrated, they can sometimes make inaccurate or biased predictions. A new study led by researchers from the University of Chicago shows that deep learning models trained on large sets of cancer genetic and tissue histology data can easily identify the insti
  2. News Article
    Dozens of acute trusts have operated at very high levels of bed occupancy in the past month, as they deal with a surge in non-covid patients with thousands fewer beds than normal. At one point in May, 49 general acute trusts out of 145 — the most since before covid — operated at occupancy of 95 per cent or more in adult acute beds. Up to eight trusts at a time were operating at 99 or 100% occupancy during May, according to analysis of published data. NHS England, prior to covid, told trusts to keep occupancy below 92%, and others believe even this is dangerously high, although trust
  3. News Article
    Mental health consultations among new mothers were 30% higher during the COVID-19 pandemic than before it, particularly during the first three months after birth, suggests Canadian research. Study authors noted that postpartum mental illness, including postnatal depression, usually affected as many as one in five mothers and could have long-term effects on children and families if it becomes chronic. They looked at mental health consultations by 137,609 people in Ontario during the postpartum period – from date of birth to 365 days later – from March to November 2020. They found
  4. Image Comment
    Why does the packaging of these two eye drop packs look so similar? You have to read the back carefully to see the difference.