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    This Westminster Health Forum conference will discuss the next steps for diagnosis, treatment and management of conditions that cause chronic pain, and the priorities for supporting people living with its effects. Delegates will examine the development of integrated healthcare in local communities and developing best practice for delivering patient-centred care - as well as the support required for the health workforce to deliver quality care and pain management for patients. It will be an opportunity to evaluate the recent updates to NICE’s guidance for chronic pain managemen
  2. Event
    This Westminster Health conference will discuss the next steps for professional healthcare regulation in the UK. It is being structured as an opportunity to consider: issues emerging from the Government’s consultations on regulating healthcare professionals measures in the Health and Social Care Act aimed at simplifying and modernising the legal framework for the regulation of health and care professions the impact of the pandemic on the landscape for professional healthcare regulation. Overall, areas for discussion include: priorities - changes in the ap
  3. News Article
    A woman who had her ovaries removed by mistake was one victim of the hundreds of “never events” that occurred in the NHS over the past year. Between April 2021 and March 2022 more than 400 patients in England’s hospitals suffered errors so serious that they should never have happened according to data released by NHS England. They include the wrong hips, legs, eyes and knees being operated on, and diabetic patients being given too much insulin. Foreign objects were left inside 98 patients after operations, including gauzes, swabs, drill guides, scalpel blades and needles. Vaginal swa
  4. News Article
    The NHS threat level in response to Covid-19 has been downgraded following drops in community cases and hospital inpatient numbers, NHS England chiefs have announced. The threat level to the health service has been dropped from a “level four” incident, which requires NHSE to “command and control” NHS resources in response to the pandemic, to a “level three” incident, which requires a response by a number of trusts within an NHS region. A letter from NHSE chief executive Amanda Pritchard and chief operating officer Sir David Sloman, published today, said local systems “need to ensure
  5. News Article
    Obese adults in Britain are on course to outnumber those who are a healthy weight within five years, a stark report has revealed. Experts have warned there will be a “tipping point” in 2027 when one third of adults will be obese if current trends continue. By 2040, they predict there will 21 million people classed as obese in the UK, and 19 million deemed to be overweight. The analysis by Cancer Research UK shows seven in 10 (71%) people will be overweight or obese by 2040. Of this, almost four in 10 (36%) adults will be obese. At present, 64% of adults are overweight or ob
  6. News Article
    The trusts that have made the most and least progress on urgent recommendations set out by the Ockenden review have been revealed Published in December 2020, the interim Ockenden review set out 12 immediate and essential actions for all trusts with maternity provision, grouped into seven themes, and in its latest board papers NHS England has set out the progress they have made. The actions which trusts are struggling with most include “risk assessment throughout pregnancy” and clearly describing pathways of care in written information and posted on the trust websites. According
  7. News Article
    Respiratory syncytial virus is killing 100,000 children under the age of five every year worldwide, new figures reveal as experts say the global easing of coronavirus restrictions is causing a surge in cases. RSV is the most common cause of acute lower respiratory infection in young children. It spreads easily via coughing and sneezing. There is no vaccine or specific treatment. RSV-attributable acute lower respiratory infections led to more than 100,000 deaths of children under five in 2019, according to figures published in the Lancet. Of those, more than 45,000 were under six mont
  8. Content Article
    Key benefits and outcomes: Every staff member has the opportunity to interact and engage regardless of their role or where they are based. Employees feel listened to and therefore more connected and valued by the organisation – and hence a stronger sense of belonging. The concepts are real solutions for capturing feedback efficiently. Ideas can be generated, responded to and acted on more quickly and transparently.
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    Doctors are receiving "inadequate" training about the risk of sepsis after a mother-of-five died following an abortion, a coroner has warned. Sarah Dunn, 31, died of "natural causes contributed to by neglect" in hospital on 11 April 2020, an inquest found. Assistant coroner for Blackpool and Fylde, Louise Rae, said Ms Dunn had been treated as a Covid patient even though the "signs of sepsis were apparent". Her cause of death was recorded as "streptococcus sepsis following medical termination of pregnancy". In her record of inquest, the coroner noted Ms Dunn was admitted to
  10. Content Article
    Matter of concerns: Inadequate training of doctors and other medical professionals re the risk of sepsis following Early Medical Terminations. Evidence from a wide range of clinicians who had cared for Sarah in March and April 2020 echoed each other. The clinician evidence revealed a common theme of lack of training, knowledge or experience on the part of physicians and medical staff (including GPs, pharmacist and acute hospital doctors) regarding the rare risk of sepsis following Early Medical Termination. The hospital trust accepted that at the time of Sarah’s death, there was confirmat