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  1. News Article
    When the UK’s jab programme began, expectant mothers were told to steer clear – so Samantha decided to wait until she had had her baby. Two weeks after giving birth, she died in hospital from Covid. Samantha was unvaccinated – she had received advice against getting jabbed at an antenatal appointment. When the Covid vaccine programme began in the UK on 8 December 2020, pregnant women were told not to get vaccinated. But in October 2020, the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (RCOG) published guidance warning that “intensive care admission may be more common in pr
  2. News Article
    The UK's Health Security Agency says its analysis of English data shows Covid vaccines are safe in pregnancy, reinforcing international evidence. The agency found similar rates of stillbirths and preterm births for vaccinated and unvaccinated mothers. Researchers say women should feel confident the jabs will help protect them and urge more to take them. Their report shows just 22% of women who gave birth in August had had at least one jab. Since mid-April, mothers-to-be have been offered the Pfizer-BioNTech or Moderna jab, with the second dose recommended eight weeks after
  3. News Article
    An independent body set up by the NHS to tackle health inequalities has formally committed to never use blanket acronyms such as “BAME” after feedback that they are not representative. The NHS Race and Health Observatory launched a four-week consultation with the public in July on how best to collectively refer to people from black, Asian and minority ethnic groups. The Observatory said it has become the norm in public policy to use initialisms to refer to a “hugely diverse” group of people, but that renewed scrutiny has been spurred on by the Black Lives Matter movement. It sai
  4. News Article
    Referrals to mental health crisis services in England have increased by almost 75% ‘post-pandemic’, senior NHS leaders have revealed. Documents submitted to NHS England and Improvement’s November board meeting capture the scale of demand facing the sector, which national director Claire Murdoch described to fellow leaders as “huge”. Bed occupancy rates in adult acute services have remained above the recommended ‘safe’ level of 85% since June 2020, performance reports suggest. Above that threshold, experts warn that patient safety, out of area placements, and surge deman
  5. News Article
    Soaring numbers of women are being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer, undermining their chances of survival, because of Covid’s disruption of NHS care, a charity has warned. The number of women being diagnosed with the disease at stage 4 is as much as 48% higher in some months than expected, with the pandemic to blame, says Macmillan Cancer Support. At the same time, fewer women are being confirmed as having breast cancer at stage 1, when their chances of responding well to treatment and living longer are much higher. Macmillan estimates that there is now a backlog of 47,300
  6. News Article
    There has been a 27% rise in people dying while in treatment for drug and alcohol addiction during the pandemic, an official report shows. Changes to support and reduced access to healthcare during lockdowns are likely to have been factors, it says. Between April 2020 and March 2021, 3,726 people died while in contact with drug and alcohol services - up from 2,929 the year before. The figures, published by the Office for Health Improvement and Disparities, for England, show a small 2% rise in the overall numbers of adults receiving help for drug and alcohol problems from 2020 to
  7. Event
    This Westminister Forum conference will discuss the priorities for NICE within health and social care following the publication of the NICE Strategy 2021 to 2026: Dynamic, Collaborative, Excellent earlier this year, which sets out NICE’s vision and priorities for transformation over the next five years, including: rapid and responsive evaluation of technology, and increasing uptake and access to new treatments flexible and up-to-date guideline recommendations which integrate the latest evidence and innovative practices improving the effective uptake of guidance through coll
  8. Content Article
    On her admission to hospital, the patient had been assigned the NHS number of another patient, who had the same date of birth and a similar name. During her stay she initially received medication prescribed to her based on her own supply, brought in by her family. However, following a pharmacy review on day 7 of admission, the medications were changed to those of the patient whose NHS number she had been incorrectly assigned. The patient declined to take the incorrect medication and the error was subsequently identified by a pharmacist the following day. Findings The investigation ide
  9. Content Article
    The West of England's A&S-SIP ambitions: Support an increase in the proportion of patients in acute hospitals receiving every element (for which they are eligible) of the British Thoracic Society COPD discharge care bundle. Support an increase in the proportion of eligible sites adopting three evidence-based tracheostomy safety interventions. From April 2021, support an increase in the proportion of patients in acute hospitals receiving every element (for which they are eligible) of the asthma discharge care bundle. From April 2021, to support an increase in the p
  10. News Article
    A doctor has accused England's health and care regulator of "moral corruption". Consultant orthopaedic surgeon Shyam Kumar says the Care Quality Commission misled the public over patient safety. Mr Kumar alleges he was unfairly dismissed from his role as a special adviser to the CQC because he acted as a whistleblower. His claims were made during an employment tribunal hearing in Manchester. Seconded by his employer, University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust, Mr Kumar had been giving the CQC expert advice on surgical departments during hospital inspections.
  11. News Article
    Frontline staff are being ‘triggered’ by ministers playing down the ‘overwhelming’ pressures facing the health service with “a ‘move along, no story here’-type attitude”, a royal college president has warned. The Royal College of Emergency Medicine’s Katherine Henderson said the intentions of those making such comments may be “well meaning” but that it was important ministers and NHSE leaders were “humble and transparent about the scale of the problem [facing the NHS] at the moment”. Katherine Henderson said: “The scale of the problem feels quite overwhelming, and the kind of ‘move a