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    the hub is a shared online learning platform, which encourages and facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration and conversation about patient safety across the whole of health and social care. Our members are integral to this.

    the hub and its content is free for everyone to use and we encourage you to have a browse. However, to post content on the hub, comment on posts, or to take part in discussions in the community areas you will need to register and become a member of the hub. There are many advantages of becoming a member:

    • You will be able to create your own profile and tailor the content you would like to see in your own personal my hub area.
    • You can share content on the hub, comment on posts, and join in the conversations in the community areas, giving you the opportunity to interact. with frontline staff, patient safety leads and patients/families on topics which are related to your area of interest.
    • You can build up your hub reputation by the amount of high quality content you post where other users ‘like’ it.
    • You can follow content, follow other members and follow conversations, deciding when and in what format you would like to receive notifications of new content.
    • You will receive event reminders.
    • You will receive notifications when someone follows you on the hub, when someone comments or ‘likes’ your posts, or if you are mentioned or quoted in a post.
    • You can start conversations on subjects that are not being heard elsewhere.
    • You can connect and collaborate with a network of patient safety advocates, leaders and experts, building up a community to share experiences and draw on the expertise of others.
    • You will be sharing and informing others about patient safety in a more immediate and meaningful way.

    Still wondering whether to become a member? Read our top seven reasons for joining the hub.

    How can I register?

    Click on the Sign up button at the top of your screen. This will take you to a short registration form for you to fill in. You will need to provide an email address when registering and you will be asked for a display name that will appear whenever you post or comment on the hub. Other information, including a photo, your organisation and role, are optional.  Once registered you will be able to manage your account and notification settings and personalise my hub. You can unregister at any time by emailing support@pslhub.org. Please read our Terms and conditions Acceptable use policy and Privacy policy before registering.