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    the hub is an online learning platform that encourages and facilitates knowledge sharing, collaboration and conversation about patient safety across the whole of health and social care.

    the hub and its content are open for everyone to use and we encourage you to have a browse. If you like what you see, why not become a member? It’s free, and you need to be a member to post content, comment on posts or to take part in conversations in the Community forums.

    the hub — benefits of becoming a member

    • Create your own profile and tailor the content you would like to see in your own personal ‘my hub’ area.
    • Share content, comment on posts and join in conversations in the hub’s Community forums. 
    • Build up your reputation by posting high quality content and receiving ‘likes’ from other members.
    • Join the hub’s Patient Safety Management Network or National NatSSIPs Network and take part in network meetings and events (if relevant to your role—a simple application process applies).
    • Follow content, other members and Community conversations, deciding when and in what format you would like to receive notifications.
    • Receive notifications when a member follows you, mentions you in a post, comments on or ‘likes’ your posts.
    • Set reminders for webinars, conferences and training featured in the hub’s events calendar.
    • Start new Community conversations about subjects that are not being discussed or listened to elsewhere. 
    • Connect and collaborate with a network of patient safety advocates, leaders and experts, building up a community to share experiences and expertise.

    Still wondering whether to become a member? Read our top seven reasons for joining the hub.

    How do I register?

    Click on the sign up button at the top of your screen — this will take you to a short registration form. When registering, you will need to provide the following details:

    • Email address
    • Display name — this will appear whenever you post or comment. Please make your display name something individual and distinguishable, and don’t use the words ‘Patient Safety’ in any part of your display name.
    • Password
    • First name and last name
    • Country
    • Type of organisation (for example, care home, charity, GP practice, mental health trust)
    • Current role type (for example, admin staff, commissioner, nurse, patient, supplier)
    • Designation (for example, patient, board member, team member, head of department)

    You can add further optional information to your profile, including:

    • About me
    • Organisation
    • Role
    • Whether you would like to apply to join the Patient Safety Management Network or National NatSSIPs Network (you will be emailed separately to confirm your membership).

    Some of these details will be publicly visible, and some are only visible to hub administrators — this is clearly indicated on the form.

    Once you have submitted your registration form, you will receive a validation email from the hub. To complete your registration, you must click the link in the email.

    Once registered you will be able to:

    • add a picture to your profile. Please choose an appropriate image — not taken from the internet due to copyright issues and nothing that has the potential to cause offence.
    • manage your account and notification settings in ‘my hub’ (see 'Top picks for personalising your hub')

    Please read our Terms and conditions, Acceptable use policy and Privacy policy before registering. You can unregister at any time by emailing support@pslhub.org.

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