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  1. News Article
    Maria Whale, 67, has died after waiting more than two hours for an ambulance after her husband dialled 999 when she began experiencing "severe abdominal" pain. Mr Whale has said the family have questioned whether she would have lived if the ambulance had arrived sooner, saying they had waited "four to five hours" for it to come. However, the Welsh ambulance service has said its records showed the call was placed at 02:10 BST before a paramedic arrived at 04:22 BST, with the ambulance following shortly thereafter at 04:35 BST - two hours and 25 minutes after the first call. "We are d
  2. News Article
    A new report has revealed patients have died as a result of cancelled appointments to remove objects from their bodies that had been left inside them. Research looking at 23 coroners reports in England and Wales has found the deaths were largely preventable. Read full story (paywalled). Source: The Telegraph, 27 July 2021
  3. News Article
    New data has revealed hundreds of paramedics experience physical assault and verbal abuse whilst serving the public. According to NHS, there has been a 32 per cent rise in assault against paramedics over the past 5 years, with more than 1,600 saying they had been threatened while on duty or feared for their own lives. Now, ambulance trusts are aiming to fit paramedics with body cameras while the West Midlands have CCTV inside their ambulances. "After years of lobbying, the legislation is now in place to ensure that the worst offenders are severely and appropriately dealt with. The p
  4. News Article
    Nurses are being drafted in to an NHS hospital to help support the maternity unit due to dozens of midwife vacancies. According to the Royal College of Midwives, they were worried the staff shortages were becoming more widespread as the NHS are becoming more desperate to fill the vacancies, however, the College has warned against using registered nurses instead of midwives as it could have an impact on the care of women and babies. Amid staff shortages at Basildon Hospital, there is now an active consideration to move planned caesarean sections to Southend Hospital, part of the Mid
  5. News Article
    A public inquiry into the infected blood scandal has heard that the government was right to say there was "no conclusive proof" that Aids could be transmitted by blood products in 1983. According to Lord Clarke, the phrase was entirely accurate at the time it was said. However, evidence in documents reveal senior health officials believed HIV could be carried through blood. "Somebody, somewhere, decided that that was the best most accurate line to take. It was repeatedly used by every minister. We kept repeating that because that was the scientific advice we had until it was perfectl
  6. News Article
    Breast surgeon Ian Paterson, was convicted and jailed for 20 years for performing unnecessary and dangerous surgery on women over the span of 14 years, being found guilty of 17 counts of wounding with intent and three counts of unlawful wounding. Thousands of his patients are only now just learning that they experienced unnecessary tests and surgery when there was no clinical need, having never been properly reviewed after his conduct had been revealed. Now, Spire Healthcare may be facing up to £50 million in compensation costs with the NHS and insurers having also paid £10 million.
  7. News Article
    Eight hospitals have reported that at least 1 in 10 beds are now occupied by a patient with coronavirus, HSJ can reveal. Operational information seen by HSJ showed the 8 Trusts were, Queen Elizabeth Hospital; Gateshead, South Tyneside and Sunderland Foundation Trust, North Tees and Hartlepool Foundation Trust, Barnsley Hospital, The Rotherham Foundation Trust, Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust, across several hospitals in north Manchester, Oldham and Bury, Whittington Health Trust, and Sandwell and West Birmingham. Having 10 per cent or more beds occupied by Covid patients has a big im
  8. News Article
    Experts have warned misinformation around the Covid vaccine may be helping fuel the spread of the virus. Director of the Oxford Vaccine Group has warned "confused messaging" around the effectiveness to protect the population could threaten confidence in the jab. Sir Andrew, together with Professor of vaccinology Shabir Madhi at the University of Witwatersrand in South Africa, have suggested lessons can be learned from South Africa. Writing for The Independent, they said “South Africa was one of the first African countries to procure the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine from Serum Institute of
  9. News Article
    According to reports, Covid-19 cases may be falling, raising hopes that the peak of the third wave has passed. However, experts are not so sure that Covid is truly in decline as figures have shown cases have gone up dramatically and declined just as quickly. Prof Christl Donnelly, from University of Oxford and Imperial College London has said "It's certainly is good to see case numbers going down, but we need a reality check. We've had a dramatic increase - and then on the face of it, a dramatic decrease. We have to be careful not to over-interpret that." Read full story.
  10. News Article
    US President Biden has said people suffering from long-term effects if Covid-19 could be considered a disability under federal civil rights laws. The administration does make clear however that having long covid doesn't automatically mean disability and that an individual assessment may be needed to determine whether a person’s long-term symptoms “substantially limits a major life activity.” President Biden has said the classification of long covid as a possible disability would “help Americans grappling with long-term effects of covid-19 that doctors call long covid.” Read full
  11. Event
    The eyewatering cost of clinical negligence claims to the NHS have dominated the headlines over the years, with spending increasing on average by 13% each year since 2010/11. Should costs continue to rise at the same rate, we could see the NHS paying out £4.4 billion a year by 2023/24, constituting a major threat to the sustainability and viability of the NHS. We need to tackle the problem at the source – by making improvements in quality and patient safety so that both patient harm and subsequent litigation are reduced. According to NHS England, by 2024, continuous improvements in patien
  12. Event
    Group B Strep is the leading cause of meningitis in newborn babies in the UK. Two babies a day develop GBS infection, one baby dies every week and one baby survives with disability. The UK’s rate of group B Strep infection in infants is double that of other developed countries, despite guidelines being in place since 2003. This FREE webinar will give you key information on group B Strep and the current guidelines, the very latest news about the ground-breaking GBS3 trial (an RCT of routine GBS screening), and suggestions of how to tackle the challenges GBS poses for midwives today. There
  13. News Article
    A Sage scientist has accused ministers of allowing infections to spread through the younger population in the hopes it would increase herd immunity before the NHS experiences winter pressures. The government scientist made ministers aware of their concerns after restrictions were eased on Monday 19th July, allowing nightclubs to open, with all previous restrictions being eased. “Abandoning all precautions and allowing infections to climb not only risks further restrictions in the future, it condemns thousands to long-term illness and places huge pressure on the NHS. Rising Covid admissio
  14. News Article
    Midwives working at the Nottingham University Hospitals (NUH) Trust have told The Independent that "women are still at a risk of harm". This comes after Nottingham hospitals were investigated after it was found there was a high number of baby deaths and injuries on the maternity ward. However, midwives have revealed to The Independent that there are still not enough resources and support to help women deliver their babies safely. One midwife working in the community told The Independent: “They keep saying ‘We’ve learned our lessons, it’s not like that now’ – but it’s even worse now
  15. News Article
    NHS bosses have warned as Covid-19 infections rise, the demand for A&E ha surged, colliding with holiday season. According to reports, hospitals are being told to brace themselves as admissions to hospital for patients with Covid have risen by more than 30 per cent over the past week. Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals, chief executive Dame Jackie Daniel has said, “We are going through the ‘perfect storm’ of high numbers of Covid patients in hospital, high Covid infections in the community, which is affecting staff and our families, unprecedented levels of urgent and emergency demand