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    Steve Turner is a nurse prescriber, Managing Director of Care Right Now CIC, Head of Medicines & Prescribing at medicinegov.org , an Associate Lecturer at Plymouth University, Information Governance Lead for CareMeds Ltd and for a group of Community Pharmacies.
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    "Many voices are not heard in British mental health care (and beyond), significant flaws are overlooked. If you are not satisfied with the status quo or just curious, follow us!" Here's a sample of some of the podcasts: Episode 33 - Basaglia's International Legacy: From Asylum to Community... review Episode 8 - Lived experience in Trieste, a mental health system without psychiatric hospitals, with Marilena and Arturo Episode 25 - Clinical Psychology vs Psychotherapy in Italy and the UK Episode 18 - The Trieste model cannot be exported to the UK because... let's un
  2. Content Article Comment
    I am a supporter of NICE Guidance and former NICE Medicines & Prescribing Associate, having said that I have reservations. The NICE methodology is to engage with organisations, rather than individuals. I believe for this type of guideline, where there are multiple perspectives & gaps in evidence, this approach is flawed & old fashioned. You end up with a guideline written by a committee & open to misinterpretation. People can forget that this is guidance only, something that is supported by the NICE Guideline on Medicine Adherence: https://www.nice.org.uk/guidance/cg76
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    I thought it would be useful to share my company's submission. This is such a valuable framework: How might you/your organisation use the framework once it is published? We use it as the basis of our continued professional development work and in our patient led clinical education work. How could you/your organisation help to promote the framework once it is published? · Through our social media posts · In our patient led clinical education work · Through my work as learning disabilities mortality reviewer. I would like to see prescribing
  4. Content Article
    Here's a summary of the changes Updates Introduction section is more concise and includes reference to the ‘Competency framework for designated prescribing practitioners’ (published December 2019). Section on ‘Purpose of framework’ has been expanded. Section on ‘Role of professionalism’ has been merged into the framework itself. There have been light amends to some competencies and supporting statements to make them clearer. There will be a Welsh translated version. Additions There are now 75 supporting statements (11 new). There are new 'furth
  5. Content Article
    This project was commissioned because of an issue with multiple medicines records being held by different agencies for local children with complex needs and at the end of life. The project was highly commended by NICE and a poster was presented at the NICE Annual Conference in 2015 (see poster below). This duplication of records was believed to be a major risk factor for medicines errors and a waste of clinical time. It also meant that parents needed to repeat information about their children’s medicines time and again, as they accessed services, including inpatient services, tertiary cen
  6. Content Article Comment
    Related consultation on the RPS Prescribing Competency framework for ALL prescribers now open: https://www.rpharms.com/resources/frameworks/prescribing-competency-framework/consultation
  7. Content Article Comment
    I agree Dom, patients are their own best experts. So we (us prescribers) have to build this into our practice. Then everyone benefits. I'm building a vlog series on this and other #medicines related matters: #Medicines #Prescrining #MedLearn #TeamPatient #share4safety #medication #medicinessafety
  8. Content Article Comment
    This is important for patient safety. It's one of a number of major challenges for the Patient Safety Commissioner, who I hope will be able to act independently and focus on identifying and resolving root causes of patient safety failings.
  9. Content Article Comment
    An insightful and important article, that highlights the worst aspects of what is happening (in plain sight) in the UK public sector, across local government, health and social care. Speak out on this and your career ends.
  10. Content Article
    A recent blog I wrote (see link below) brings together key information for clinicians, and especially for prescribers, from a variety of sources, including patients, relatives and carers. The aim is to help to prevent patients with autism and learning disabilities being harmed by inappropriate medicines. I began this in 2018 following the death of Oliver McGowan, which I cover in teaching for (non-medical) prescribing students and in my clinical education work. It links to the NHS Learning Disability Mortality (LeDeR) Review Programme. Key points: Most of the prescribing in thi
  11. Content Article Comment
    I am pleased to see this landmark case on #dutyofcandour has finally been acknowledged by the Care Quality Commission. It now appears on their web page 'Background to the Duty of Candour' : Source: https://www.cqc.org.uk/guidance-providers/all-services/duty-candour-background Will Powell & his wife sacraficed £300K compensation to expose the absence of a Legal Duty of Candour in the High Court in 1996, Court of Appeal in 1997, House of Lords in 1998 & the European Court on Human Rights in 2000. In 1999 the Health Select Committee recommended a Statu
  12. Content Article Comment
    I am too, this has so much potential to permanently improve safety for patients. I look forward to the consultation for the England role. Links to a previous post of mine: 'The person specification & job description of the Patient Safety Commissioner will be key. E.g, someone who is credible and comfortable at all levels, with patients, carers, the public and with professionals, has a background in inter-disciplinary working, and is able to consider things from all angles. A tall order indeed. I believe this will need an open recruitment process, and the role will need invo
  13. Content Article Comment
    Interesting. An important consultation. This prompted me to look for the consultation process for the Patient Safety Commissioner in England. I can't find one. maybe I've missed it 🧐
  14. Content Article Comment
    This long standing #patientsafety issue needs more than 'measures ...to limit the prescribing of this drug' that are being implemented. In my view, one of the first jobs for the Patient Safety Commissioner should be to look at what is needed nationally to improve standards and competency in #prescribing, and also to increase #patient involvement in prescribing decisions. To make the mantra 'no decision about me without me', a reality, in a way that can be measured through a reduction in drug related harm. Since the demise of the National Prescribing Centre there is no national body