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    Steve Turner is a nurse prescriber, Managing Director of Care Right Now CIC, Head of Medicines & Prescribing at medicinegov.org , an Associate Lecturer at Plymouth University, Information Governance Lead for CareMeds Ltd and for a group of Community Pharmacies.
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  1. Content Article Comment
    This is an incredibly useful resource for clinicians & #patients, I hadn't seen it before. I will be including this in my latest #prescribing CPD work and our #patient led #clinicaleducation work. Thank you. #SOMNMPCPD #medicines #share4safety #patientsafety #MedEd https://yellowcard.mhra.gov.uk/iDAP/
  2. Community Post
    About 1000 angry nurses and doctors have rallied outside Perth Children’s Hospital in Australia following the death of seven-year-old Aishwarya Aswath, demanding vital improvements to the state’s struggling health system. The Australian Nurses Federation was joined by the Australian Medical Association for the rally, with staff from hospitals across Perth attending. Many people held signs that read “We care about Aishwarya”, “Listen to frontline staff”, “Report the executive — not us” and “Please don’t throw me under the bus”. Aishwarya developed a fever on Good Friday and was taken
  3. Content Article
    What's new in the NICE shared decision making guideline? The three main areas of recommendations are: organisational practise related and recommendations on communication and documentation. On an organisational level, the 2021 NICE guideline on shared decision making asks organisations to consider the following: making a senior leader accountable for the leadership and embedding of shared decision making appointing a patient director to work with this senior leader. The guidance also states that for effective shared decision making, appointments or c
  4. Content Article Comment
    I am delighted to see Bernie Rochford recognised with an MBE and recommend people to read Bernie's story.
  5. Content Article Comment
    Great discussion and important points from all perspectives. Information and perspectives which we all need to reflect on. I hope StopSIM campaigners, the Police & emergency services, NHS trust leaders, NHS England, academics & AHSN leaders are looking at this, and will feel able to contribute. One thing that I see as important is discussing what's behind the comments that 'SIM promotes the withholding of potentially life-saving care'. I don't know what's exactly behind this (are there examples?) However I do believe that England's current approach to mental he
  6. Content Article Comment
    Interesting to compare the English and Scottish Patient Safety Commissioner processes. I agree with this quote from the above blog: 'As we set out in a previous blog on this issue, there is likely to be significant common ground between Patient Safety Commissioners operating in different parts of the UK, resulting from similarities between the respective healthcare systems.[9] We think there would be value in the Patient Safety Commissioners in Scotland and England establishing a strong working relationship. This would enable them to coordinate on emerging patient safety concerns and shar
  7. Content Article Comment
    Thank you Dan, and everyone who has contributed to this discussion. So much to reflect on. Three things stands out for me right now, The lack of suitable community based (long-term) therapies. Diagnostic overshadowing. The way in which national bodies have responded to being challenged by patients. Which seems at times unhelpful, insular and defensive. I work with people with multi-morbidity. Time and time gain we see diagnostic overshadowing and inappropriate 'labeling'; a desperate unmet need for appropriate non drugs based community therapy or treatments, set agai
  8. Content Article Comment
    An interesting development: https://www.rcpsych.ac.uk/news-and-features/latest-news/detail/2021/06/14/rcpsych-calls-for-urgent-and-transparent-investigation-into-nhs-innovation-accelerator-and-ahsn-following-hin-suspension
  9. Content Article Comment
    I have completed the questionnaire. I found it disappointing the some of the areas that really need consulting on are not included. For me these are: Ensuring Patient Safety Commissioner role can operate independently. Consulting on the person specification for the role and essential criteria. I believe the person specification is vital. I sincerely hope that a suitable person will be appointed. These type of consultations are poor in my view. They give the impression that a lot of the detail, and even the person to take the role, may have already been decided.
  10. Content Article Comment
    Thanks. I find you comments helpful, informative and also (on data sharing) familiar and disturbing. I agree SIM is small fry and, from what you say, potentially valuable. Rather than taking information off-line I think the HIN / SIM Leaders should be openly discussing and defending it. Otherwise it feels like service leaders only listen to the patients / users of services who shout loudest, rather than those who are most in need (many of whom may feel unable to speak up). The bigger issues which may be mixed up in SIM criticism's (something I have been guilty of) are: Th
  11. Content Article Comment
    Thanks Barry, you raise some important points. It made me think. Like you, I have not yet encountered anyone (outside of social media) who is or was mentored on a Serenity Integrated Mentoring [SIM] or related programme. I agree about the importance of not stopping moving forward on something because it hasn’t been fully evaluated, and the need to try any approach (behavioural or otherwise) if it works for people. The High Intensity Network [HIN] approach needs an independent and patient / service user led evaluation, so we don't miss the opportunity to make the most of what works
  12. Content Article Comment
    This is very worrying in my view. I believe the National Guardian Office and Freedom to Speak Up initiative and process is fatally flawed. Spreading this to Primary Care and integrated settings is a waste of money, and potentially harmful. As I posted on social media: I tried to engage with the National Guardian Office without success. Since then the organisation I raised concerns about (10 years ago) has been 'found out' and the CEO left suddenly. Slipping away quietly. But the wider issues underlying the situation appear to have have been brushed under the carpet. So much for Fr
  13. Content Article Comment
    In response to the Letter from Claire Murdoch the Stop SIM Coalition has published a response: https://www.stopsim.co.uk/coalition-statements/ Extract from the response: "To conclude, we consider multiple local reviews insufficient in light of the following: HIN/SIM’s rapid rollout and implementation was initially facilitated and resourced by NHS England. SIM is directly commissioned by NHS England in some areas. NHS England retains accountability and responsibility for safeguarding and overseeing local CCGs commissioning contracts.[22] NHS England has stat
  14. Content Article Comment
    Supports the argument that all consultations should be recorded. Everyone will benefit from this approach. What do others think about this? #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawarenessweek #mentalillness #bipolar
  15. Content Article Comment
    An important development. Letter from Claire Murdoch, NHS England National Mental Health Director, in response to the Stop SMMMH Campaign: 'NHS response set out in my letter. The model is not sponsored by NHSE and is not part of the LTP and we have written to medical directors to ask them to review for evidence base, values and compassionate care.' #mentalhealth #mentalhelathawarenessweek #mentalillness #StopSIMMH