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    Registered general & mental health nurse prescriber with a background including clinical education & governance, social policy, and information technology. Keen on delivering patient-led care. Now retired & writing on my experiences.
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  1. Community Post
    Is it time to change the way England's healthcare system is funded? Is the English system in need of radical structural change at the top? I've been prompted to think about this by the article about the German public health system on the BBC website: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-62986347.amp There are no quick fixes, however we all need to look at this closely. I believe that really 'modernising' / 'transforming' our health & #socialcare systems could 'save the #NHS'. Both for #patients through improved safety, efficiency & accountability, and by making the #NHS
  2. Content Article
    These four vlogs are edited versions of vlogs originally commissioned by the NHS. They are all fully referenced based on UK National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines and on the Royal Pharmaceutical Society Prescribing Competency Framework for all prescribers (see the video description) and contain links to useful sources of further information. Shared decision making - 'It's my decision', which covers the latest NICE Guideline on shared decision making. 'Too much information' - Dealing with information overload on medicines & prescribing, which inclu
  3. Content Article Comment
    A significant role for the new Patient Safety Commissioner, in my view, will be through reference to improving prescribing competency, as set out in the RPS Prescribing Competency Framework. A framework which is for ALL prescribers. When speaking the 'truth to power' & reflecting on medicines' safety this framework is key. Link: https://www.rpharms.com/resources/frameworks/prescribers-competency-framework
  4. Content Article Comment
    An opportunity to reflect and act on the (UK) Prescribing Competency Framework:
  5. Content Article Comment
    I believe a review of the corporate governance of #health & #socialcare services in England is needed. This review need not be a long-winded process. There are many studies and reports available, this is the starting point. Plus, the #NHS constitution for England, which rarely gets a mention. Sadly, I don't think this will happen. The overriding ethos is to avoid confronting problems that could make the 'great and the good' look bad & break down the widespread rampant cronyism which is holding back the development of services and driving staff away. #Patients suffer as a result.
  6. Content Article Comment
    I find it shocking that the proposed reforms, listed below, are not already in place: patient involvement in complaints investigations the establishment of independent investigation bodies more meaningful data analysis strategies to uncover and address systemic causes behind recurring complaints. Perhaps people who are involved with complaints handling, and those who have made complaints can share their experiences? Good or bad experiences - all will contribute to further learning and help deliver real change.
  7. Content Article
    Everyone who works in health and social care should listen to this podcast in full. I've followed Will's search for justice and I am proud to know Will. A man of great integrity who is campaigning for an individual #dutyofcandour in #healthcare, for the benefit of us all. I remain shocked, when I teach on this, how few know Robbie's story. There has been so much lost learning, a failure of accountability, and a failure to deliver an effective statutory duty of candour. For me, this appalling story of failure and cover up highlights clearly why we have to recognise the value of w
  8. Article Comment
    Another important article behind a paywall, which is linked to longstanding problems. This article needs to be opened up to the public. I hope the mainstream media and the regional and local media pick this up.
  9. Content Article Comment
    I am so saddened to read yet another report on failings that, if seen and acted on in isolation, will not lead to the systemic changes that are needed. I agree with the conclusion. The approach to patient safety needs to change. This is the 'modernisation' our health and social care services desperately need. No more 'lessons will be learned' statements without follow up, and no more 'sorry-not-sorry' apologies, we need radical patient-led change, transparency, and accountability.
  10. Community Post
    This potentially looks very helpful. Preventable deaths tracker:
  11. Content Article
    This is a joint consultation published by the Department of Health and Social Care and the Ministry of Justice. The Mental Capacity Act applies in England and Wales, but some aspects of its application are devolved in Wales. The Welsh Government has therefore informed this consultation. The LPS will apply to people over the age of 16, and the Department for Education has been involved in the development of this new system. This briefing paper from the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) provides a summary of the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards, an amendment to the Mental Ca
  12. Article Comment
    It's a pity this article is behind a paywall. In my experience, both professional and personal, CQC reports can bear little or no relationship to the patient care and the culture of organisations. The system is riddled with cronyism. See: https://on.ft.com/3GVIIgX (sorry this is also behind a paywall). We need a pro-active, independent, patient-led system to monitor quality & look at outcomes, starting with commissioning, in my view.
  13. Community Post
    This work has so much potential for improvements in patient safety. Will it link to Coroners prevention of future deaths reports? It's such a complex area, with so many threads and possibilities for learning. I used to work in a Mental Health Assertive Outreach Team and was greatly saddened by the high mortality rate from deaths through neglect or undetected (and treatable) physical illnesses.
  14. Content Article Comment
    Thank you for posting this. The actions resulting from Coroners' prevention of future deaths are vital for patient safety. I look through these reports when preparing clinical education sessions, and have included this link in my medicines and prescribing teaching resource page: https://www.judiciary.uk/subject/alcohol-drug-and-medication-related-deaths/