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    The report also looks at: Identification, and the Role of Health Visitors Referral pathways Pathways of care Support for families Better data collection and a National Cerebral Palsy Register Examples of best practice.
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    The Inpatient Diabetes Training and Support website hosts a number of key resources including: Handbook for adult inpatient diabetes care Information about their Insulin Safety Course Bitesize diabetes management guides Self reflection framework Follow the link below to access the website.
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    Key points: While the NHS delivered a remarkable amount of elective treatment during the second wave of the pandemic, the pressure of caring for large numbers of patients seriously unwell with COVID-19 has led to longer delays for the growing number of patients on the waiting list. Data on clinical pathways show that four million fewer people completed elective treatment in 2020 compared with 2019 (down from 16 million to 12 million). The rapid expansion of remote consultations helped limit the disruption caused by the pandemic, but patients who need to be admitted to hospita
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    Hi @Thomas Dammrich, this report was developed by the Q Community which is part of The Health Foundation. It would be worth making contact with them, or the authors listed on the report, to find out more in regard to your questions. If you would like to share links to resources relating to patient safety, that you feel would be of interest to our members and wider audience, you can submit them via our 'share' option.
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    Key findings Improvement played an important role for respondents during COVID-19. Improvement took a distinct form in response to the crisis context, providing a profound opportunity to learn for the future. Improvement played a more important, valuable, and strategic role during COVID-19 in organisations that had a well-developed approach to improvement pre-pandemic. Recommendations for action Improvers should build on the positive momentum from the pandemic and ensure that improvement plays a central role inthe recovery. Improvers should reflect on which wa
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    Who is the pack for? Are you interested in learning more about the aerosol transmission of COVID-19? Do you need to see the science and evidence before making decisions? Are you considering your mask-wearing policy and looking for further information? Would you like to learn more about the benefits of CO2 monitors in classrooms? Would you like to understand how COVID-19 can present in a child to aid early identification and reduce transmission? Would you like to understand more about Long Covid and how it can present in a child? Are you interested in
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    The Coroner notes that, although he was assessed at home by the midwifery team at aged 5 days, no basic observation assessments were taken, such as temperature, heart rate and respiration rate, from the deceased or his mother to confirm their wellbeing. There is no national guidance for such checks, however, University Hospital Dorset NHS Foundation Trust (UHD) have since changed their local policies to embed better safety nets. The local policy now provides guidance that at each visit up to day 10 post birth, a full set of baby and maternal observations are to be taken. The Coroner also