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  1. Community Post
    A question posed by a delegate at our Patient Safety Learning conference 2019: 'Ted Baker said that patient safety leaders need to be humble, value-driven and collaborative. What three qualities do you think are important for those wanting to lead the way on patient safety?' Do you know anyone who is leading the way when it comes to patient safety? What qualities do they have that are really making a difference?
  2. Content Article
    NHS Improvement publish two sets of National patient safety incident reports (NaPSIRs) simultaneously. This publication includes reports covering incidents to June 2019 and to March 2019; the commentary analyses data to March 2019. NaPSIRs were previously called Quarterly Data Summaries (QDS).
  3. Community Post
    A question posed by a delegate at our Patient Safety Learning conference 2019: 'Does your employer praise staff and patients for reporting safety concerns?' Tell us about your experiences of how reported concerns are received. Does it differ depending on whether they are raised by staff or patients? Are there any examples of great practice you can share where people are really praised for raising patient safety concerns?
  4. Content Article
    The investigation set out to investigate the removal, retention, and disposal of human tissue and organs at Alder Hey Children’s hospital following hospital post-mortem examinations and, the extent to which the Human Tissue Act 1961 (HTA) had been complied with. It involved examination of the professional practice and management action and systems, including what information, if any, was given to the parents of deceased children relating to organ or tissue removal, retention and disposal.