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    Seven key themes: More agile use of resource Staff well-being Working together Accelerated decision-making Sustaining the pace of innovation and change Digital access and confidence Embracing new technology. Recommendations The Study report provides 12 recommendations for how decision-makers and practitioners from across NHS Wales can sustain the innovative and transformative ways of working that have emerged. NHS Wales organisations should coproduce an Innovation Strategy with Welsh Government NHS Wales organisations should devel
  2. Content Article
    A year on from the publication of First Do No Harm, the report by the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety (IMMDS) Review, the Government released its full response to the Review's recommendations.[1] [2] Published alongside this was the report from the independent Patient Reference Group, established to provide advice, challenge and scrutiny to the work developing the Government’s response.[3] The IMMDS Review examined the response of the healthcare system in England to the harmful side effects of three medical interventions: Hormone pregnancy tests, Sodium valproate and Pelv
  3. Community Post
    Student midwife Deepa Santosh recently wrote to the Royal College of Midwives highlighting concerns that many midwives were not able to access water regularly while on shifts. She has kindly shared her letter (attached), and the below poster, which can be used by others to highlight the importance of staying hydrated and the potential harm that dehydration can cause to both staff and patient care. Have you struggled with similar issues where you work? Or do you have processes and policies in place that ensure you never have to go without water? Share your experiences, by commenting
  4. Content Article
    The impact of delayed medication “ I had to go into hospital after my knee gave way and I fell at home. Often you go into hospital with something unrelated to your Parkinson’s but then your Parkinson’s gets worse due to it not being managed properly. “While in the hospital I missed repeated doses of my medication due to a lack of knowledge and understanding of my condition-specific needs. This threw me out of sync completely – it brought on more severe depression, unsteadiness on my feet, more severe tremors. It affected me in so many ways. It’s impossible for me to control these sy
  5. Content Article
    The seven point plan for change is outlined in the report as follows: Improved identification, diagnosis and treatment for birth injuries in the NHS An education programme for obstetricians and midwives so that severe injuries are recognised at birth and treated in line with best evidence A primary care education programme so that all women are asked at contacts following birth about signs and symptoms of OASI/incontinence, with appropriate referral pathways for those with symptoms in line with the NHS Long-Term plan Information about the risks of OASI given to all wome
  6. Content Article
    The BMA are calling for a number of actions to address these issues: Primary legislation mandating regular healthcare workforce assessments in the Health and Care Bill. Increased Treasury investment in the medical workforce, including: sufficient medical school, foundation programme and specialty training places expansion of teaching spaces and student clinical placement options rapid expansion of the medical educator and researcher, public health consultant and specialist occupational physician workforce a relaxation of punitive pension taxation rules, so do
  7. Content Article
    More information can be found on the PIF website, through the link below.