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  1. Community Post
    Hi Samantha and Helen, thank you for sharing your experiences and I am so sorry that you have both been in pain. Patient Safety Learning continue to highlight our concerns around painful hysteroscopies, the lack of choice of pain relief being offered and whether informed consent is being consistently obtained. Our most recent blog looked at the correspondence we have received from ministers, in response to these concerns. https://www.pslhub.org/learn/patient-safety-in-health-and-care/womens-health/ministers-respond-to-patients’-concerns-about-painful-hysteroscopies-northern-ireland-
  2. Content Article
    In November, Patient Safety Learning published a blog outlining five calls to action to improve the safety of hysteroscopy procedures in the NHS.[1] This has been an issue raised by patients, campaign groups and politicians in recent years, highlighting concerns that women have been suffering avoidable harm from hysteroscopies. To raise awareness of this issue and call for urgent action to prevent future harm, we wrote to several key stakeholders in healthcare across the UK, including: Nadine Dorries MP, Minister of State for Mental Health, Suicide Prevention and Patient Safety (UK
  3. Content Article
    Note: Subtitles are available by turning on the caption mode in YouTube. Would you like to share your insight on the continuity of care model? Perhaps you know women and families who would like to share their experience? You can get in touch with Patient Safety Learning by emailing us at content@pslhub.org Further reading: Measuring Continuity of Carer: A monitoring and evaluation framework (November 2018) NHS: Targeted and enhanced midwifery-led continuity of carer RCM: Can continuity work for us? A resource for midwives