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  • 7 reasons to join our patient safety community – the hub!

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    Did you know unsafe care is one of the ten leading causes of death and disability worldwide?[1] Or that it is estimated this leads to 11,000 avoidable deaths per year in the UK?[2]  

    At Patient Safety Learning our vision is for a world where patients are free from avoidable harm. We want to bring people together, to harness the knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment of healthcare organisations, professionals and patients, for system-wide change. That's why we created our patient safety platform - the hub. 

    Find out more about the benefits and how you can join…


    the hub is free and easy to join. Most importantly, it is helping to drive safer care in a number of ways:


    Still wondering whether to become a member? Here are our top seven reasons for signing up to the hub:

    1. Access thousands of patient safety resources 

    Home to a wealth of patient safety resources, you can browse or search our library (called ‘Learn’) to access videos, blogs, guidance, research, practical tools and much more. All our content is tagged so you can easily find other similar items of interest in our Learn library. Just click on the tags on the left-hand side of the page. Something missing? As a member you can help to build our content by uploading links to relevant resources or by sharing your own original content (more on that later…). 

    2. Become part of an inclusive global community

    Our members come from countries across the globe, bringing with them rich insights from varied perspectives. the hub is a unique space where health and care staff, patient safety leaders, patients, researchers, policy makers and charities are untied by a passion for patient safety. As a member you’ll become part of this exciting and growing network, centred on improving care together.

    3. Share your insights, experiences and tools 

    We want the hub to be shaped by our members. That’s why we created the ‘share’ function, enabling people to contribute in a number of different ways…

    Perhaps you’d like to write a blog about a specific patient safety issue? Or shine a light on a project or approach that has had a positive impact on patient safety? Maybe you want to share your concerns around unsafe care and suggest system changes that are needed to prevent future harm? Take a look at the bottom of this page for some examples of how our members have contributed original content to hub. We think you’ll be inspired!

    As a member, you can also apply to become a Topic Leader. This allows individuals to contribute their expertise on a regular basis around specific topics.

    4. Collaborate on key topics

    Our ‘Communities’ forum enables members to start conversations on topics of interest. It’s a great space for collaborating, asking questions, sharing resources and bouncing ideas off other members. You can also tag other members and ‘follow’ conversations allowing you to receive notifications when there is a new comment.

    5. Build your network

    When you join the hub, you have the option to complete an ‘about me’ section which will appear on your hub profile for others to see. By using the member search function you can search for keywords that others have used in describing themselves in their ‘about me’ section. If you want to connect, you can message them via the hub. It’s a great way of finding people to network with on topics of interest.   

    When you sign up to the hub you can also express your interest in joining specific, smaller networks, set up and run by our members. Simply tick the relevant box when registering.

    6. Get the latest news and events

    Our ‘News’ section on the homepage brings you the latest patient safety media coverage. To find out about patient safety events that are coming up, take a look at our ‘Attend’ section. Another handy tip is that you can refine our ‘advanced search’ fields to look for key topics in either of these sections. For example, if you’d like to find out about any upcoming human factors events, simply tick the ‘Attend’ box when searching and enter your keyword/s.

    7. Keep up to date with a monthly roundup

    When you sign up to the hub, you can select the option to receive a monthly e-newsletter. This gives members a handy round-up of hub content, including recent blogs, resources, news and ‘hidden gems’ that may be of interest. A great way to get a succinct overview and keep your finger on the pulse.

    What are our members saying?

    With more than half a million views since we launched less than two years ago, our members are finding the hub to be invaluable:

    “Having an external source which has such a focus and energy on patient safety is not only a place to go for information but also for support.” Jenny Davidson, Director of Governance.

    “Thank you so much for asking me to write this piece. Your amazing work at Patient Safety Learning is invaluable in helping to change the culture of the NHS to an open one of learn not blame, making it safer for all”. Lindsay Fraser-Moodie, GP trainee

    "We are so grateful for your help, support and using your platform to echo our concerns and call for help." Sophie Evans, Long Covid Support.

    “I’m finding it an invaluable resource. You have linked me with people I would not have met otherwise. It's a great share and learn together.” Steve Turner, Nurse Prescriber.

    Time to get started!

    So, if you’ve got an interest in patient safety and helping to reduce avoidable harm, sign up to the hub today and join our growing community. And most importantly, do not forget to sign in! Without signing in, you won’t have access to all of the great benefits of being a member.

    For more practical tips on using the hub and maximising your membership, you can watch this short film. We look forward to seeing you on the hub!


    Examples of original content from our members:

    Practical tools and resources

    Opinion pieces, blogs and interviews

    Community conversations


    [1] World Health Organization, Global Patient Safety Action Plan 2021-2030, 3 August 2021.

    [2] NHS England and NHS Improvement, The NHS Patient Safety Strategy: Safer culture, safer systems, safer patients, July 2019. 

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