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    Pro Bono coach with a long NHS career and a passion for enabling others to be their best selves, no matter what comes along.
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  1. Content Article
    The current challenges in the NHS are leading to staff burnout and staff leaving their jobs. In a new blog, hub topic lead Sally Howard asks us to take a few minutes out of our day to day work to reflect and re-calibrate.
  2. Content Article
    NHS and social care continues to have significant challenges. This blog cannot change that but it offers food for thought on how to stay afloat. 
  3. Content Article
    We know the link between anxiety, stress, burnout and patient safety. This blog from Sally Howard suggests four things we can do to help us stand tall and continue to grow from strength to strength, both for ourselves and for our teams.
  4. Content Article
     We have an overwhelming demand for our healthcare services. This blog from Sally Howard suggests some things we can do to keep afloat. 
  5. Content Article
    We have probably all suffered from imposter syndrome at some point during our career. Doubted our self and our abilities. However, if we aren't confident in ourselves and how we do our jobs it could impact on the patients we look after. Here are my tips on how to get to grips with your imposter syndrome.
  6. Content Article
    One of the many Covid challenges is that there hasn’t been an opportunity for frontline staff to pause for breath and pay even a small amount of attention to looking after themselves. And when times are really tricky we only have so much energy. So this is just about you and three things that may help you keep going and keep your brilliant light shining.
  7. Content Article Comment
    Hi Helen - lovely to hear from you - yes the 5:1 ratio takes a bit of practice - we are moving house just now and I think I may be unintentionally offering 1:5! Speak soon Sally
  8. Content Article
    In her latest blog, Sally Howard talks about the importance now more than ever of listening to and looking after each other. Making your voice heard. Listening to and appreciating those around you. Looking after yourself.
  9. Content Article
    In her latest blog, Sally Howard talks about psychological types and why understanding our preferences and how they differ to others, can be incredibly valuable. This knowledge can be used to strengthen teams, encouraging people to value diversity and work more effectively together. A particularly useful tool during these challenging times.
  10. Content Article
    In her latest blog, Sally Howard talks about our transition into the next phase of lockdown life and how we can continue to support one another. She highlights that by reflecting on the positives, we can each contribute to a long-lasting cultural change and better future for patients and staff.
  11. Content Article
    In her latest blog, Sally Howard, talks about our changing world, why transitions are so difficult and what we can do to look after each other along the way.
  12. Content Article
    In her last blog, topic leader for the hub, Sally Howard, talked about our triggers for a wobble and a few strategies to help as we take forward improvements in our services – building yourself a network, being genuinely curious and looking after yourself on the journey. This blog takes it one step further as she looks at what we can do when we hit a brick wall and offers some powerful strategies for dealing with conflict. An important and timely read, as we all look to support and appreciate each other through these difficult times.
  13. Content Article
    In her latest blog, Sally Howard, Topic Lead for the hub, sets out five tips for conquering fear, building resilience and realising your own power in the quest for continuous improvement.
  14. Content Article
    A problem solving tool that captures everything you need on one piece of paper. Now that sounds pretty useful.  In her latest blog, Sally Howard, Topic Lead for the hub, summarises 'A3', a problem solving tool that does exactly that. She draws on her own experience of using the tool to improve patient outcomes and provides both rich insight and practical examples to help others maximise it's potential.
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