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    I'm leading on the development of the hub for Patient Safety Learning. I have a background in patient safety, having worked at the National Patient Safety Agency from 2002 to 2007, designing and leading the development of the NRLS. So looking forward to sharing this bold expriment with you all!!
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  1. Community Post
    I was just listening to a podcast interview between Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Matthew McConaughey (In the series 'Feel better, live more'). Matthew M. mentioned that he came from a highly resilient family. If someone fell over, his mother would tell them to get right back up straight away and carry on. He added that he thought that while this resilience was generally a good thing, there should be (what he called) a 'loophole' in it so that there was time to learn why they have fallen over to begin with. Was there a crack in the pavement that needed to be avoided? That way, it wouldn't happ
  2. Content Article
    Patient safety not built into the innovation process Most digital healthcare-related startup founders are understandably focused on developing their business ideas, finding and establishing their new markets, and commercialising their offerings. Inevitably, they often do not have specialist clinical safety advice available to them at an early stage, and do not necessarily consider the patient safety implications of their new solutions. Once the offering is ready to come to market is has to pass a range of compliance and other hurdles (more on those later), which, for many founders, ma
  3. Event
    Making Families Count has developed a new Webinar, based on extensive experience of it's members, to explore how mental health professionals can work effectively with families when they raise safety concerns about their relatives. This webinar focusses on effective risk management in the community and how healthcare professionals can work better with families when they raise safety concerns about their relatives. This webinar explores what happens when critical information is absent from treatment plans and how to utilise families effectively as part of the care team. It will also address
  4. News Article
    A freedom of information request by HSJ has for the first time revealed a complete list of participants in NHS England’s maternity safety support programme, with 28 trusts involved since its inception in 2018. London North West University Healthcare Trust, Northern Lincolnshire and Goole Foundation Trust, and Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust all entered the scheme at the start, due to pre-existing quality and safety concerns. The trusts were all subsequently removed, having been deemed to have made improvements, but have since been placed back in it following inspections by the Care Q
  5. News Article
    · Trusts told to identify actions to “immediately stop all delays” · Letter calls for issue to be discussed at every board meeting · It follows concern over harm to patients from delays Trusts and integrated care systems are being told by NHS England and Improvement to take urgent action to ”immediately stop all delays” to ambulance handovers, which will require “difficult choices”. A letter yesterday from NHS England’s medical director, director for emergency and elective care, and its regional directors was sent to all local chief exec
  6. News Article
    New analysis from Diabetes UK predicts that, without significant government action, up to 5.5m people in the UK could be living with diabetes by 2030. The prediction is based on analysis of statistics from Public Health England and The Association of Public Health Observatories. It means that as many as 1-in-10 UK adults could be living with diabetes within a decade. Additional analysis carried out shows that up to 17 million people - 1-in-3 UK adults - could be at an increased risk of developing type 2 diabetes by 2030, unless there's commitment from the governments of the UK to
  7. News Article
    Many feared that the UK leaving the EU would cause shortages and limitations to the medicine supply throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Now ten months on from Brexit are we finally seeing the short fallings? Ninety percent of the UK's medicines are imported from abroad meaning disruptions caused by the outcomes of Brexit and a lack of HGV drivers has caused a significant problem in transporting drugs into the country. Leaked Department of Health and Social Care documents revealed two hundred and nine medicines had supply “issues” in 2019, more than half of these
  8. News Article
    Health Education England (HEE) has announced that its new £10 million training programme, intended to ‘boost’ the critical care workforce, will be rolled out this autumn. According to HEE, the funds it secured earlier this year will provide nurses and Allied Health Professionals with a ‘nationally recognised pathway’ to further their careers in Adult Intensive Care Units (ICUs). Specialist training, delivered through a ‘blended learning package’ could help to strengthen the ICU workforce across England and will offer around 10,500 nursing staff the chance to undertake courses and ‘fu
  9. News Article
    The agency is now showing disease incidence among unvaccinated people, as well as those who received Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, and Moderna vaccines. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has published information on its COVID Data Tracker about rates of cases and deaths among fully vaccinated and unvaccinated people. In August, according to the data, unvaccinated people had a 6.1 times greater risk of testing positive for COVID-19, and an 11.3 times greater risk of dying from the disease. Interestingly, the agency also breaks out case and death rates by vaccine
  10. News Article
    A mental health trust ‘scapegoated’ a psychiatrist over the death of a patient amid systemic issues, an employment tribunal has found. Judges called the conduct of two senior directors — one of whom is a current NHS trust medical director — into question after ruling they had colluded to scapegoat Bernadette McInerney for issues that would have damaged the trust’s reputation. Nottinghamshire Healthcare Foundation Trust was found unanimously to have unfairly sacked and victimised Dr McInerney, a former consultant forensic psychiatrist at Rampton secure hospital, in a decision
  11. News Article
    The BMA has advised practices to immediately start offering consultations of 15 minutes or more; and apply to close their patient list, as part of the fightback against the Government’s new GP access plan. It set out a range of measures GPs should take to protect their staff and patients and ‘prioritise’ core work amid pressure to return to pre-pandemic ways of working. In an email bulletin sent to GPs on Friday, the BMA’s GP Committee said that practices ‘should not feel pressured to return to a traditional 10-minute treadmill of face-to-face consultations that are neither good for
  12. News Article
    Over-55s are not being recommended useful health technology as GPs presume they cannot use a smartphone, say researchers Older patients are being excluded from beneficial health technology because “ageist” doctors presume they cannot work a smartphone, research has suggested. Experts have accused doctors of “stereotyping” older people as being incapable of using technology and warned patient safety was being put at risk by a failure to support them in using appropriate online health tools. GPs typically recommend NHS-approved health apps to about one in 10 patients aged under
  13. News Article
    Five serious incidents, including the deaths of two children, spark “urgent” investigations at specialist trust Great Ormond Street Hospital FT has linked the incidents partly to what it described as a “faulty” batch of a type of glue used to close wounds during surgery Supplier says it followed the correct recall processes for the product Five serious incidents, including the deaths of two children, have sparked ‘urgent’ investigations into the processes through which clinicians are alerted to potential safety concerns over medical products used on patients. Great Ormon
  14. News Article
    The Care Quality Commission (CQC) has published State of Care. The report, which draws on the experiences of care people have shared with Healthwatch England, has found that health and social care services face some highly concerning challenges, including: A workforce drained in terms of resilience and capacity, especially in social care, where the staff vacancy rate has risen; A rising number of people seeking emergency care, leading to unacceptable waiting times; and Tackling the health inequalities that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated. The report welcomes the
  15. News Article
    NHS England has said that there is no ‘widespread issue’ with the national booking system for Covid vaccinations, despite eligible patients claiming they have been unable to book their booster jabs. It comes as Sajid Javid yesterday urged people to ‘come forward’ for their Covid vaccines if they are eligible and have not had an invite six months after their second jab, and the Government launched a new campaign to promote boosters and flu vaccines. Daisy Cooper, liberal democrat MP for St Albans, said yesterday in the House of Commons: ‘Many of my constituents are desperate to get th