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  1. News Article
    Scarlet fever cases have surged by tenfold in a year, official data shows, as pharmacists grapple with a shortage of antibiotics during a Strep A outbreak. Strep A bacteria usually only causes mild illness, including scarlet fever and strep throat, which is treated with antibiotics. But in rare cases, it can progress into a potentially life-threatening disease if it gets into the bloodstream. Infections are higher than normal for this time of year, and at least nine children have died after contracting the bacteria in recent weeks. Pharmacists say they are struggling to get their hands on
  2. Content Article
    Findings For healthcare staff, carrying out a robust assessment of risk factors for VTE is challenging, particularly in the complex and busy environment of antenatal clinics, the labour ward and on postnatal wards. Multiple competing demands, exacerbated by distractions and interruptions, mean healthcare professionals are constantly having to balance risk and safety for the pregnant women/pregnant people they care for and are trading off the thoroughness of assessments to improve efficiency. Midwives are asked to complete a number of risk assessments and screening tools to a
  3. Content Article
    Speakers at the webinar included: Helen Hassell, carer and member of the NHS Assembly, and Sophie Randall, Director at PIF, on the work the Patients Association, PIF, and Nottingham and Nottinghamshire Integrated Care System (ICS) are doing to improve patients' experience of treatment for muscle and bone problems. Dr Debbie Freake, Board Director National Centre for Rural Health and Care and former GP on the challenges of partnering in rural communities and the importance of "making noise". Heather Aylward, Public Engagement Manager, and Lauren Oldershaw, Senior Communicati
  4. Content Article
    You can access the following videos of conference sessions: Welcome remarks from Caroline Corby, the PSA's Chair and Alan Clamp, PSA Chief Executive Is regulation keeping people safe? Health and Social Care Safety Commissioners: a solution to bridge the safety gaps in all UK countries? Are learning cultures compatible with individual accountability and candour? Should health and care professionals have a duty to tackle health inequalities? Parallel session A: Does regulation need to change to deliver the workforce of the future? Parallel session B: A
  5. News Article
    The NHS should “urgently investigate” after Byline Times uncovered “disturbing” figures showing that more than 4,000 patients, visitors and NHS staff were raped or sexually assaulted in hospitals over the past four years, the Shadow Health and Social Care Secretary has said. An investigation by Byline Times has unearthed that 4,100 patients, visitors and NHS staff were raped (1,364) or sexually assaulted (at least 2,744) in a hospital setting between January 2019 and September 2022–with 633 raped or assaulted while on a hospital ward. At least three of the incidents were against a female
  6. Content Article
    Speakers at the webinar included: Len Hodkin, a founding member and chair of Making Families Count whose mother was attacked and killed on her way to work by a mental health service user with a history of extreme violence and drug abuse. Jan Sunman, a founding member and former director of Making Families Count, whose eldest daughter Katy, who had learning disabilities and physical disabilities, experienced serious harm in an acute NHS trust. Dorit Braun, is a volunteer project coordinator with Making Families Count and has traumatic lived experience as a family member.
  7. News Article
    Covid is causing liver damage lasting months after infection, according to new research. Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, discovered Covid-positive patients had a “statistically significant” higher liver stiffness than the rest of the population. Liver stiffness could indicate long-term liver injury such as inflammation or fibrosis, the buildup of scar tissue in the liver. Dr Firouzeh Heidari a Research Fellow at Massachusetts General Hospital, said their findings show damage caused by Covid persists for a long time. She said, “Our study is part of emerging
  8. News Article
    The NHS in Wales could move to a model in which most or all nursing care is outsourced to private companies, if its increasing reliance on agency staff continues, a union report has claimed. According to the Royal College of Nursing, the Welsh health service risks moving to a situation where it no longer directly employs staff to provide patient care. NHS Wales spent between £133m and £140m on agency nursing during 2021-22, based on different freedom of information (FOI) requests and official figures, the RCN’s report suggested. RCN Wales said, “If this trend continues, Wales will mo
  9. News Article
    A new report by the World Health Organization shows evidence of a higher risk of premature death and illness among many persons with disabilities compared to others in the society. The Global report on health equity for persons with disabilities published today shows that because of the systemic and persistent health inequities, many persons with disabilities face the risk of dying much earlier—even up to 20 years earlier—than persons without disabilities. They have an increased risk of developing chronic conditions, with up to double the risk of asthma, depression, diabetes, obesit