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  1. News Article
    The charity Birthright have launched an inquiry into why women from ethnic minority backgrounds are experiencing higher maternity risks. Evidence in the inquiry will be gathered from parents, anti-racist campaigners, midwives and obstetricians. The NHS has said it is working on a new strategy to address inequalities, maternity and neonatal care. Read full story. Source: BBC News, 23 June 2021
  2. News Article
    Barnsley Hospital declares 'black alert' as their A&E becomes overwhelmed with patients. The hospital has seen more than 300 patients in one day, putting pressure on staff to free up beds. It has been understood that the surge in numbers is due to other illnesses and not Covid-19 related. Read full story. Source: The Independent, 22 June 2021
  3. News Article
    Ministers are to legislate more powers over how data on patients is collected and are imposing a 'duty' on the NHS to share patient information when doing so would benefit the system. The Health and Social Care Act 2021 already allows for sharing of data on an individual basis but staff have reported finding it hard to share it when it comes to primary and secondary care and administrative purposes. The new draft strategy produced by NHSX, has suggested it may want to use cloud storage to create a set of “structured data records” with the idea that it would make it easier for patie
  4. Content Article
    We finished as runners-up for the President’s Award, which is for any group, institution or organisation that has made an outstanding contribution to the development of ergonomics and human factors in a specific industry or particular field of application. A short video providing an overview of the work we were nominated for can be found here. Human factors and patient safety Many patient safety issues are caused by systemic problems with poor design at their core. Human factors and ergonomics are hugely important in understanding human performance issues in health and social care a
  5. News Article
    A new report by the Royal College of Nursing shows the number of learning disability nurses working in NHS Hospitals, NHS hospital and community services in England has risen by only 22 in three years. Worryingly, there is estimated to be only 17,000 learning disability specialist nurses on the NMC register in the UK. The Royal College of Nursing is urging the government to address the shortage of specialist nurses for learning disabilities. Read full story. Source: Royal College of Nursing, 22 June 2021
  6. News Article
    The government is being urged to make the term 'nurse' a protected legal title as it has now been found people are calling themselves a nurse despite not being registered or qualified. Recently it has emerged that even in the NHS, unregistered staff have been using the term 'nurse', meaning patients cannot be sure the person treating them is qualified raising concerns for patient safety. Currently, only the term 'registered nurse' is a protected legal title. Read full story. Source: The Independent, 21 June 2021
  7. News Article
    Social care in England is not usually provided for free, and many people have found it a challenge to pay for. Social care organisations are urging ministers to publish plans to revise how the sector in England is funded. The government has promised to publish the funding plans by the end of the year. Read full story. Source: BBC News, 21 June 2021
  8. News Article
    Naga Munchetty speaks out about her experience having the IUD fitted after reading an article on another woman's experience and how painful it had been. She describes her experience having a coil fitting left her feeling "violated, weak and angry". Read full story. Source: BBC News, 21 June 2021