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Grieving father calls for criminal inquiry into Priory following deaths of four women

A bereaved father whose vulnerable son died after managing to escape from the Priory has called for a criminal inquiry into the mental health care group after the deaths of four more patients.

Richard Caseby, who lost his son Matthew, has campaigned for three years against the privately run group after an inquest found his son’s death was contributed to by neglect. The 23-year-old was able to abscond from the hospital over a fence which had previously been identified as a risk. He was hit by a train just hours later.

Now the Priory, one of the UK’s largest mental health providers, faces new scrutiny as coroners are set to examine the death of 20-year-old Amina Ismail, who died while at the Cheadle Royal Hospital in Stockport. Ms Ismail died in September 2023, a year after three other young women died at the same unit - Beth Matthews, 26, Lauren Bridges, aged 20, and 30-year-old Deseree Fitzpatrick.

Mr Caseby, a former newspaper editor, told The Independent: “The Priory is a fundamentally dangerous company, one that persistently refuses to learn from its mistakes and neglect. The roll call of death and disgrace at its hospitals just gets longer.”

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Source: Independent, 25 April 2024


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