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    I think it’s difficult sometimes to get the balance right, I don’t think it’s a ‘see saw’ I think it’s a balance act of ‘multi-elements’ One one hand the patient who should be our main priority and making sure that Candour and communication of the incident happens. Another side of this would be the investigation itself, which I think people tend to follow the pathway to the letter, however in these pathways, there is no documentation about ‘support for individual’ I have done training linking with this in the past, but there was never a mention of supporting individual, only focusing on the process etc. Then you have your individual who has completed the error, and whether they are suspended/ continuing to work, they are going through an awful time with over analysing the situation, and feeling pressure on the shoulders. So I think it’s much more complex than what many may perceive.... I am sure I’m not the only one to say I have made an error, and I am proud of the nurse who posted the original post! Thank you
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    We have a new app within Homerton which is featured on the hub. The Homerton University Hospital (HUH) Action Card App is an initiative that aims to bridge the gap between information/processes with clinical members of staff without the need to log into a computer, access the intranet, and finding the long black and white document which is never ending. The Action Card App has easy to read, 1-page coloured documents relating to local and national/local incident trends and Never Events. We entered the Patient Safety Learning Awards on the back of seeing the hub and finding content on there that was incredibly useful on a day to day basis. We genuinely weren't expecting to hear anything back from the Patient Safety Learning team as we are a small trust that not a lot of people know about, and we thought the standard of patient safety initiatives would be high, with many trusts miles ahead of us. I have to say, the team at Patient Safety Learning were nothing but lovely, from the moment the conversation started about the prospect of entering the awards. They all took the time for correspondence and they treated you as a person, as oppose to an entry. When we got the information that we had won the overall prize, we were gobsmacked and elated. The app team were overjoyed with the sense that our hard work had paid off and someone had taken the time to appreciate the work we have been doing at Homerton. We were asked to prepare a presentation prior to the awards, which showcased our work and to share with the attendees of the conference. The day arrived, with so much great work, inspiring talks and a general atmosphere of wanting to do more to keep our patients safe. I would like to thank everyone who heard our presentation (some may say performance) and thank everyone in the Patient Safety Learning team for their help with this process.
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    Wonderful insight, thank you @Evelyn Prodger, its very easy to get "trapped in a bubble" and not sure about how ither trusts work, particularly as i have expeirence in both, but really flourished in a smaller hospital. As i stated prior, i was very junior in my previous trust and lacked experience. Thank you
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    I have worked in a large trust in London, but was very junior and didn’t appreciate the enormity of the trust from a management and patient safety perspective. Incredibly, there are further complications for trusts with Community Teams. Very complicated processes, be great if anyone has got any insight into this?
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    I have been thinking recently about the challenges which is posed towards larger trusts with regards to patient safety. Particularly with getting information disseminated to all staff and being reliant on endless emails. I have recently done some work with our Action Card App which has posed its own challenges particularly with physically getting around the Departments, spreading the word, and assisting people on the app itself. What really helped us iare screen savers, twitter and having those key conversations with stakeholders within the trust. I was wondering what everyone elses perspectives were?
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    This document charts the story of this journey, the challenges encountered, and also gives my personal perspective. It shows the process of supply and distribution of a smart phone app with its challenges and our achievements as a team.