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    I work for Patient Safety Learning as Communications and Marketing Manager. I'm really proud of our Digital team for developing the hub as it's such a fantastic resource for shared learning for patient safety. Personally, too, the hub is really helpful in getting to know others in the patient safety community and deepening my understanding of patient safety - the encouragements and the challenges - in both the UK and further afield.
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    Communications and Marketing Manager

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    This year's theme for World Patient Safety Day (17 September) is Health Worker Safety: A Priority for Patient Safety. We know that staff safety is intrinsically linked to patient safety but we need your insight to help us understand what matters most when it comes to feeling safe at work. So we're asking you to tell us: What is most needed for health and care staff to feel physically or mentally safe at work? In this short video, Claire Cox (Patient Safety Learning's Associate Director of Patient Safety and a Nurse) shares her top three. What do you think is most needed? Please join the conversation and help us speak up for health worker safety! Nb: You'll need to sign in to the hub to comment (click on the icon in the top right of your screen). If you're not a member yet, you can sign up here for free.
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    Claire discussed this topic on Tuesday 7 July, live for 2 minutes on Patient Safety Learning's Facebook page -
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    Healthcare staff have had to adapt their way of working as a result of the pandemic, which has made pre-Covid guidance obsolete. Different Trusts are doing different things. What’s the solution?
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    That's a great idea, thanks @Danielle Haupt. Glad @Sam is able to provide you with some text!