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  1. Content Article Comment
    Great article. Some good, practical tips for dealing with imposter syndrome.
  2. Content Article
    This year I’m seeing many more complaints on Twitter from healthcare professionals about the misuse of incident reporting. The threat “I’m going to Datix you!” is coming up time and time again and people are complaining about being “datixed” inappropriately. One Twitter user recently said: “Datix has been used as a verb so many times on my feed today that my head might explode”. Datix has become associated with fear, retribution and blame. But how has this come about and what can be done to change it? Datix as a company has seen many changes since I stood down as chief executive in 2015.
  3. Community Post
    Those model forms have been designed around the requirements of the healthcare provider and healthcare professionals. Should we perhaps have forms that have been designed from patients' and relatives' perspectives?