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    This guide from Versus Arthritis was written in consultation with people with musculoskeletal conditions waiting for joint replacement surgery. It makes the case Integrated Care Systems, Primary Care Networks, secondary care providers, public health bodies and social care providers should all work together with local communities and the voluntary sector to deliver a support package to help to meet the needs of people with arthritis who are on surgery waiting lists. The six key elements of this are as follows: Clear communication must be provided to people with arthritis about when they c
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    Today NHS England and NHS Improvement have published their new Long Covid Plan 2021/22 which outlines 10 key next steps to be taken by the NHS to support people living with Long Covid. This includes some new proposals such, including: Expanding the services available on the Your Covid Recovery platform "to allow anyone with symptoms to access a range of symptom management advice without needing a referral from a clinician". Establish 15 Long Covid assessment children and young people’s hubs across. What are your thoughts on the proposals in this new plan?
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    At the NHS Confederation Conference on the 15 June 2021 Sir Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of the NHS, announced a further package of support for Long Covid for 2021/22. This includes a £100 million investment, £30 million of which will go towards an enhanced service for general practice to support Long Covid care. The remaining £70 million will be used to expand other NHS Long Covid services and establish 15 ‘paediatric hubs’ to coordinate care for children and young people. This investment underpins The Long Covid Plan 21/22. This aims to build on the previous five-point plan announced
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    Related content in this series Introductory blog: Improving patient safety through high reliability Video conversation: The importance of culture in achieving high reliability in healthcare
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    Background The UK Government committed to establishing a Patient Safety Commissioner for England in the Medicines and Medical Devices Act 2021. The introduction of a Patient Safety Commissioner also acts on the second recommendation of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review, First Do No Harm, published in July 2020 by Baroness Cumberlege, which examines the consequences of the use of Primodos, sodium valproate and pelvic mesh and its effects on patient safety. Consultation The consultation process opened on the 10 June 2021 and closes on the 5 August 2021
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    Patient Safety Learning have published today a new blog which sets out the key points included in our response to the consultation: https://www.pslhub.org/learn/patient-safety-learning/patient-safety-commissioner-for-scotland-consultation-response-patient-safety-learning-r4739/
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    The World Health Assembly (WHA) in May 2019 adopted a resolution, ‘Global action on patient safety’, to give priority to patient safety as an essential foundational step in building, designing, operating and evaluating the performance of all healthcare systems. The resolution asked the Director General of WHO to formulate a Global Patient Safety Action Plan in consultation with Member States and a wide range of partners and other organisations. This Action Plan was formally adopted at WHA on the 28 May 2021 and provides a 10-year roadmap and actions to work towards its vision of a world
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    This report shares the learning which has been identified as a result of research looking at how the Freedom to Speak Up role could be introduced in Primary Care and Integrated Settings. It illustrates some of the challenges in implementing Freedom to Speak Up in primary care, as well common themes and learning. The report identifies two models to support primary care organisations in developing their speaking up arrangements, bridging across the silos of GP, dental, optometry and pharmacy: Freedom to Speak Up within an organisation – an individual organisation model – such as a GP
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    Senedd Committees Committees in the Senedd are cross-party bodies that carry out many functions, including scrutinising the expenditure and policies of the Welsh Government, holding Ministers to account, and examining proposed legislation. This Committee's work focuses on Health, Social Care and Sport. Evidence session This page contains links to a number resources relating to this evidence session, including: Webcast of the evidence session Evidence submission from Long COVID Wales Evidence submission from Dr Elaine Maxwell, Content Lead - National Institute for
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    I don't think you've missed it @Steve Turner. The Medicines and Medical Devices Act which made the provision for it got Royal Assent on the 11 February, so my expectation is that a consultation on it from the Department of Health and Social Care will be coming... but not seen any indication yet as to when. Definitely something I'm keeping an eye out for!
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    Background The Scottish Government's Programme for Government 2020-21 commits it to establishing a Patient Safety Commissioner for Scotland. The decision to create this role came about as a result of the First Do No Harm: The Report of the Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Review (the Cumberlege Review), published in July 2020. The Cabinet Secretary for Health and Sport accepted all of the recommendations in the review, including recommendation 2 relating to the establishment of a Patient Safety Commissioner. Consultation The consultation process opened on Friday 5
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    Where possible, both the person with dementia and their carer should be closely involved in decisions about the person’s treatment and should be shown their care plan. Alzheimer's Society suggests that the following questions may help with discussions: Why is the person being prescribed an antipsychotic? Which symptoms is the drug meant to be helping with? Have possible medical causes of their symptoms (such as infection, pain or constipation) been ruled out? Can non-drug approaches be tried first? What can I do as a carer to help? Do you need to know more about the per
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    Written Questions are a parliamentary mechanism by which Members of the Senedd can table questions specifically for a written answer by the Welsh Government or the Senedd Commission. Laura Anne Jones MS asked what progress had been made in Wales in implementing the findings of the Cumberlege Review (The Independent Medicines and Medical Devices Review). This review examined how the healthcare system in England responds to reports about the harmful side effects from medicines and medical devices and consider how it could respond to them more quickly and effectively in the future. Vaug
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    Just over a week ago NHS England and NHS Improvement announced the launch of a network of 40 Long COVID clinics over the coming weeks. While there still needs to be more details providing, particularly a clear timeframe for the roll-out of these and information on their locations, I was wondering if anyone has heard about whether there are similar plans for Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales? From a little online research at the moment I've only found the following: Northern Ireland No formal announcements from the Department of Health along these lines. The charity Northern Ireland C