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  1. Content Article Comment
    thanks to the hub for including our article here. I'd love to hear from clinicians as to the usefulness of the concepts we shared.
  2. Content Article Comment
    here are some examples of PSnet materials generated from case submissions: https://psnet.ahrq.gov/webmm-case-studies
  3. Community Post
    I think its important to consider how biases (research, implicit etc) can affect the success of AI. both in the results and how it is interpreted.
  4. Content Article
    I had been trying to get my Mom to do video calls on her computer for a decade. Pushback and inexperience with new technologies just didn’t give her the confidence she needed to step over that line. A lack of trust in the systems to work right and in her ability to navigate the hiccups minimised her willingness to give it a shot. And then along came covid. Due to necessity and front-line assistance (my sister and niece get a hat tip here), Mom finally began to see how beneficial the tools were for improving her state of mind and increasing our awareness of how she is from a long distance durin
  5. Content Article Comment
    Thank you @Helen and to all hub members for their continued contributions to the work of improving patient safety!
  6. Content Article
    Meredith Wilson’s “The Music Man” is an American musical set in 1900’s River City Iowa. First seen on Broadway and then as a 1960s film, the story rests on hope that arrives in town on the shoulders of a con man, Harold Hill. There are lots of themes we could track from this story into our times today – but one scene in particular is on point for this month’s letter. Hill distributes music and instruments to his students with instructions to practice on their own and they come together to play for the town. Let’s just say it doesn’t go so well. Although committed to the goal, the kids can