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    C2-Ai is one of 10 Essential Digital Health Ideas for a UK National Covid Response according to Healthcare UK and could save 70,000 lives, £1bn and 2m bed-days across the NHS annually.

    Richard was a COGX keynote speaker on the Global Leadership stage and won (with C2 Ai) two awards including the prestigious Overall Tech4Covid award.

    With over 30 years spent in advanced technologies, Richard has extensive experience as an entrepreneur, in strategy development, business planning/modelling, and creating commercial implementations for companies. He has co-founded businesses across four continents that have delivered up to 300x returns on first round.

    He was the only private sector member of a national regulator’s synthetic AI patient record and medical AI software validation project. In addition to his work at C2-Ai, he holds positions in an Ai/High Performance Computing business, an Ai-based healthcare company, a stealth mode Ai start-up and telecoms businesses in the UK and Africa. He is the author of three business books translated into multiple languages.

    Richard received an MBA with distinction from the Warwick Business School and will be restarting a doctorate in technology strategy when he finds a spare moment or ten.
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    Great article and a very important topic Lorri. We have just been named as one of the '10 Digital Health Ideas for a UK National Covid-19 Response' by Healthcare UK (a joint initiative of NHS England, UK Departments of Health and International Trade) and it would be very good to discuss how patient safety approaches can make a big difference in the crisis. During the pandemic, we are deploying a risk-assessment tool, sythesized from our patient safety system and reductions in AKI of over 90% (publisihed approach in BJN and winning an HSJ Patient Safety Award) and HAP by 60%. Long story short is that those patients acquiring these conditions are blocking beds for up to 8 days extra on average. Those beds are needed for Covid-19 patients and so reducing these conditions is a critical part of the patient safety vision you've supported for so long Lorri. A 50% reduction in these conditions in US hospitals would free enough capacity for an extra 67,000 C-19 patients in the next 3 months. Could you find time for a discussion? AKI HAP Overivew 002.pdf