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Unplanned ‘Ozempic babies’ may be harmed by weight-loss drugs

Women have been told to avoid using weight-loss drugs to help them get pregnant, as doctors report a rise in surprise “Ozempic babies”.

Some women struggling with infertility have unexpectedly become pregnant after being prescribed semaglutide, which is used to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes under the brand names Wegovy and Ozempic.

However, scientists have now issued a warning that the weight-loss injections may cause birth defects and should not be used by anyone hoping to become pregnant.

Professor Tricia Tan, from the department of metabolism, digestion and reproduction at Imperial College London, said: “Women need to know that these drugs should not be used during pregnancy. You can also see that most of the clinical trials have not included women who are intending to become pregnant. Animal studies did show that the animal babies born to animals who were given these medications had problems.”

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Source: The Times, 23 April 2024


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