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    I am a paramedic who in 2012 took my first tentative steps into the world of patient safety,risk and concerns management. Since then I have become completely immersed in this exciting,challengingc frustrating and rewarding field, and along the way have left my ambulance service comfort zone to move into the digital world of the NHS in Wales!
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    Digital Health and Care Wales
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    Serious Clinical Incident Investigation Manager/Paramedic

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  1. Community Post
    thanks @Chris Elston i look forward to your next update
  2. Community Post
    @HelenH yes would be very keen to be involved with this work please
  3. Community Post
    @Callum Brown I would be keen to discuss this further as living and working in a devolved nation myself and colleagues dont have the opportunity to undertake HSIB led training, and i also feel there is a need for a more joined up level of training across the UK and this could be a great opportunity to address both elements? Gethin
  4. Community Post
    Morning Keith, many thanks for your response it has certainly helped me focus some of my thoughts, and yes as I progress my workstream I would certainly value the opportunity to discuss further. Kind regards Gethin
  5. Community Post
    I am currently working to develop a new process for the investigation of incidents related to digital healthcare, something which clearly sits outside of the usual framework or process of investigating traditional patient safety incidents. I would be grateful for opportunities to discuss and share experiences and ideas with others. If you have already investigated these sort of incidents what sort of approach did you utilise and have you reviewed it post event in respect of effectiveness. @Keith Bates Clive has suggested it would be beneficial for us to discuss?
  6. Content Article
    This document defines the investigation framework in the event of a patient safety Serous Incident (SI) related to NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) delivered or supported services, which affects one or more health body in Wales.
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