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I am looking at designing a training for those individuals in the organisation who do not require approved training, but may be involved in investigations around the new learning responses and when they may be appropriate and what will change and what will remain the same after PSIRF. Just wondering if anyone has seen anything or is working on something similar. Looking for something a little more concise/practical/specific to PSIRF than the current HSIB Level 2.



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@Callum Brown I would be keen to discuss this further as living and working in a devolved nation myself and colleagues dont have the opportunity to undertake HSIB led training, and i also feel there is a need for a more joined up level of training across the UK and this could be a great opportunity to address both elements? Gethin

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Good evening all,

I am in the process of trying to design some lessons on this. We are planning an intro to PSII, then some lessons on the tools, then we would like engagement and oversight. This is for those that are not in lead positions. Part of this is because the cost of training is prohibitive for us as we would need to put 100s of staff through the courses. This is not practical or sustainable.

I am also part of the group trying to set up a network of educators, learning co-ordinators so that we can share resources and information. There is a planning meeting next week and hopefully, we we will be able to share some news soon.


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