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    I think the hub has potential for increasing understanding of the phenomenon of organisational hostility towards staff who have raised patient safety concerns. The fact of reprisals against staff who have spoken up is clearly documented in the 2015 'Freedom To Speak Up' Review, yet the problem continues. Indeed as recently as February 2019 it was reported in a Royal Society of Medicine meeting that there has never been a more dangerous time for frontline NHS staff to consider speaking up in defence of patients. I believe that this has to change, and hope that Patient Safety Learning can play a part in this - in particular through engagement with NHS staff who have been unfairly dismissed after raising patient safety concerns.
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    A high resolution image of the poster with full references can be downloaded by clicking on the attachment below. Organisational culture and patient safety (ver 2) (2).pdf
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    Prerana Issar is the Chief People Officer of NHS England and NHS Improvement. She was appointed in February 2019 to this post, which was created after senior leaders in the NHS and Department of Health and Social Care realised that a new approach was needed to a number of serious workforce issues which had become apparent. Among these is the complex, and hugely important, issue of speaking up (sometimes referred to as whistleblowing or raising concerns). Prerana recently retweeted a message from NHS England and NHS Improvement that "It's so important (for NHS staff) to feel able to spea