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    i was invited because of my vids on hysteroscopy
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  1. Content Article Comment
    i signed the petition as well NHS are defnatly appreciated
  2. Community Post
    It's a bit long, but here are some of my thoughts ...
  3. Content Article Comment
    i like the point of Stop: Focusing on compliance figures and meaningless measures. many women at barts health are having pain scores of 8 9 and 10,s (on the vas scale) in outpatient hysteroscopy theater patients that should be transferred to theater that are not
  4. Content Article Comment
    why did it take so long for them to be heard that is what i do not understand
  5. Community Post
    i have found trying to help hysteroscopy action i am sure that i am taken more seriously than a woman and not seen as a hysterical woman by both sexes. i also am concerned that know things a experienced gynecologist does not. i referenced post menopausal women are the most at risk of pain during a OPH to which he look at his nurse specialist and she nodded
  6. Community Post
    @PatientSafetyLearning Team this is defiantly not offered in the uk. the uk is very far behind in pan control and pain control studies. in fact the uk is obsessed with not using any pain relief a recreant trail at Birmingham women's hospital called the vast trail compered vigscopic (no speculum) vers speculum and found the vagiscopic method to be about 0.26 of a vas score better than speculum pain was measured o to 10 .10 being method pain the conclusion of the studie was was viagscopic should be used as default but there were pain scores of 8, 9, and even 10,s and there was a infection rate of %5 none of which was addressed i have attached the trail to top it of there is plenty of research money for Birmingham to do real pain control studies we have a working theory why they do not want to use anesthetic if you would like to her please say Vaginoscopy Against Standard Treatment.pdf
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    @Claire Cox i just wanted to mention one stop clinics they are illegal and any one take up litigation would win why are they allowed NHS resolution has said all elective procedures require 24 hours notice https://concentric.health/blog/conversations-on-consent/
  8. Community Post
    i would like to say the NHS was sold outpatient hysteroscopy as easy mainly by Italians the problem is it is not it is extremely skilled and needs decades of experience to be really good at it one gynecologist from Spain has %5 failure rate and stops at VAS 5 how ever he gives 10mg of Diazepam. that high a dose can not be given in the uk and is essential to his successes rate plus he does not treat post menopausal women there simply is only a hand full of gynecologists as skilled as he is in the uk plus the training in the uk is extremely poor and accesses to proper simulators (one that score on performance they say if you caused pain) limited to a few hours if they see one at all instead they train on a piece of rubber as its only £2000 for the machine and £45 for womb simulator with 7 polyps
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    PMB women should not be referred to outpatient hysteroscopy they are the most at risk of pain vomiting fainting. the NHS get away with this because they use the fear of Cancer to do it on the cheap. it is a clear disregard for duty of care
  10. Community Post
    there are very few places that do it well Sheffield is meant to be very good the problem is if hysterscopys were stopped at a appropriate pain level it would result in at least %25 failer rate in diagnostic and about %35 in operative and that is being generous the fact that it loses hospitals money to do them in theater means they want to put patients trough they know are not suitable i will say Kingston in London has made big improvements after a complaint and have resonantly done a great patient information leaflet witch i helped with which i have linked . but there needs to be a end to best practice tariff increase for theater and most importantly sedation the biggest thing currently affecting outpatient hysteroscopy is no one is being the patients advocate and stopping when it obviously needs to again to be fair to kingston they have a new team and are told to be patients advocate A0043 Hysteroscopy Leaflet.pdf
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    hi im so glad you posted this there is also a big issue with informed consent around outpatient hysteroscopy