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  1. Content Article Comment
    I don’t feel I particularly did this person enough justice. Clearly very effected and disturbed by there experience. I gave a lot of support, but was difficult to capture all the interview. Trying to stick to the point and get the main message across. But clearly a lot more to unpack. For clarity the chief nurse expressed concern on resuscitation guidelines in terms of staff safety. Staff were very vulnerable and at risk with lack of appriopriate PPE. Concern was raised for his staff being put at risk, though understanding the necessity.
  2. Content Article Comment
    I couldn’t agree with this article more. ive burnt out so much it’s light a fire for me to leave nursing! I look above at the leaders , most have never worked on the shop floor, but they have a masters. So that makes them clinically sound. everyone I speak to feels broke and done. its very sad to hear such a dynamic nurse say this. But I feel exactly the same! Who do you discuss this with? Where do you go from here? difficult time. Needed to be said though.
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    Thanks for your comment and compassion. I have seen some amazing things from patients, who have made there own PPE. An 8year old girl making plastic visors from staff. Knitting groups making masks. I think from the patient side this has been brilliant. if this was to happen again. I think a local government set up coordinating groups (which I believe there are in some parts of the country) could help, this also as you expressed gives people some helpful purpose.
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    Systemic transparency: ‘A fish rots from the head down’ The saying ‘a fish rots from the head down’ describes how ineffective management and leadership can have a huge, detrimental impact on our systems and teams. It can be the root cause of an organisation’s failure and demise. Applied in this case, the government would be the head of the fish and the NHS the body. From the beginning of this pandemic it has been clear to us in the NHS that we haven’t been informed of truths regarding personal protective equipment (PPE), testing and expectations of the health service. Transparency ar
  5. Content Article Comment
    Such an important discussion in this time. yes we are trying our best to preserve life. end of life care is now more than ever important to protect, how and when we go about this. your thoughts for discussion would be appreciated for learning purposes.
  6. Content Article
    Key recommendations Ask the patient if they would like to have the conversation and how much information they would want. All healthcare professionals reviewing patients with chronic conditions, patients with more than one serious medical problem or terminal illness, should initiate shared decision making including advance care planning in line with patient preferences. Conversations about the future can and should be initiated at any point. The conversation is a process not a tick-box, and does not have to reach a conclusion at one sitting. Be aware of the language you