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    I’ve experienced serious life changing complications following surgery. I’m therefore very interested in patient safety.

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  1. Content Article Comment
    Really interesting article and one that resonates deeply with me. Before I continue I’d like to say my heart goes out to all who have lost love ones, so tragic and I’m so sorry. i had catastrophic surgical complications which left me unable to eat or drink ( I was vein fed for months but I can now eat ), spent months in hospital, suffered respiratory failure and sepsis. Five years on im still broken physically and mentally ( I have a very complex abdominal fistula, a sight threatening eye condition which is linked to the bowel problem and PTSD, depression and anxiety. When it happened it was somehow normalised and I was made to feel I should be grateful to be alive not sad my health had been so severely compromised. I never pursued it as I was too traumatised. I suppose there are two types of harm, where someone is to blame or when it’s ‘one of those things’. I was even told ‘ well you signed the consent form’ ( not by my consultant who is very kind). It’s been hell on Earth and still is yet there is no help. I’m now so traumatised about going back into hospital , I keep putting a much needed procedure off. I think things will get worse for people like me after Covid as there will be a lot of traumatised people out there. I am told ‘oh what happened to you is very rare’ ( so it doesn’t count ), to which I sometimes say ‘it’s only rare until it happens to you’. sorry if my comment isn’t appropriate, I can't imagine how it feels to lose someone through harm and don’t pretend to. I have lost myself though in all of this and my husband has lost his wife. I feel invisible and irrelevant.
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    Hi I had a hysterectomy that caused life changing complications. It’s a long story but I ended up with a fistula which means I have a connection from my small bowel to skin, it’s a real health burden. I have 3 bags. When they tried to fix the fistula two years later, that surgery initially went ok but then I had to go back to theatre for an anastomotic leak . I returned to the ward and felt awful, ‘wanted to die’ awful. I didn’t feel believed and as the week went on I deteriorated. I had a naso gastric tube in as my gut was on stop, after a nurse aspirated the tube the drainage stopped - I got worse eventually suffering respiratory arrest. I could not breathe yet I was told I was having a panic attack until she saw the SATS reading of 68. I ended up in ICU minutes from death. I’ve never recovered and am now terrified of hospitals. I don’t think I will ever feel safe again, difficult because I still have the fistula and have to spend a lot of time in hospital.