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    I have been an active campaigner for patient safety improvement, patient engagement in patient safety, and better care of those affected by patient safety incidents since the tragic and avoidable death of my daughter Jasmine, aged 20 months, in 2011
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    Emotional and other long-term impacts of harmful events can have profound consequences for patients and families. Stakeholders designed a path forward to inform approaches that better support harmed patients and families, with both immediately actionable and longer-term research strategies. '[There's the] long-term responsibility of the institution, that we don't talk about....If we [had] some sort of [understanding of the] trajectory of the harm, [we could ask] What roles do institutions play at different parts? [What roles] should they play?'
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    When my daughter Jasmine was given Methylprednisolone unsafely in 2011, when she was already Hypertensive before being given the drug, unbeknownst to me, safety guidelines for giving the drug (to monitor BP) were not followed. She developed symptoms that were very alarming to me. I was certain she was in distress and as time went on she developed a facial palsy (as I described as 'a strange shaped mouth' ) strange movement of her limbs and slurred speech. She was in the care of a nursing team and a very junior doctor who mistook her initial distress as 'hyperactivity' in response to