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Double wounding


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Hi all,

7 years ago I had catastrophic complications following a hysterectomy.  I’m not saying it was negligence but the damage is permanent , life changing and getting worse.  I have an abdominal fistula and 3 stoma bags.  It’s a very very long story.  The psychological damage has been almost as bad as the physical.  Had I know then what I know now I would have complained and ‘made a fuss’, but I did nothing partly because my life was blown apart and I spent 6 months in hospital being vein fed facing the possibility of never eating or drinking again.

what traumatises mean to this day is the absolute lack of guidance and support.  I had my surgery as a private patient because I was a carer to my brain damaged mother, I needed the op out of the way.   There was no enquiry, or explanation despite having a perforated bowel, enterocuranous fistula, respiratory failure, sepsis - I could go on.  Yet nothing was ever explained and now I’m out of time.  No one but no wants to help,  I’ve tried really hard but all I get is sorry but too late.  How can this be right and has anyone any suggestions how I can get answers please .   It just doesn’t sound right . 


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