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    Hi all, 7 years ago I had catastrophic complications following a hysterectomy. I’m not saying it was negligence but the damage is permanent , life changing and getting worse. I have an abdominal fistula and 3 stoma bags. It’s a very very long story. The psychological damage has been almost as bad as the physical. Had I know then what I know now I would have complained and ‘made a fuss’, but I did nothing partly because my life was blown apart and I spent 6 months in hospital being vein fed facing the possibility of never eating or drinking again. what traumatises mean to this da
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    I had life changing complications during a hysterectomy from which I will never recover. I never asked questions because I was too traumatised and trying to concentrate on staying alive. I regret that decision and fell now I can never have closure as I am now out of time for answers. Just seems very unfair, like a double wounding - the Initial physical wounds caused by the surgery coupled with the psychological damage of no answers.
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    Hey David, I suppose it depends on the type of injury and whether it’s a physical injury, a physcological injury or both - can you share some more information please ?
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    Hi I had a hysterectomy that caused life changing complications. It’s a long story but I ended up with a fistula which means I have a connection from my small bowel to skin, it’s a real health burden. I have 3 bags. When they tried to fix the fistula two years later, that surgery initially went ok but then I had to go back to theatre for an anastomotic leak . I returned to the ward and felt awful, ‘wanted to die’ awful. I didn’t feel believed and as the week went on I deteriorated. I had a naso gastric tube in as my gut was on stop, after a nurse aspirated the tube the drainage stopped -