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Independent hospitals

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Hi all

I had. Life changing complications in a private hospital - long story and will never recover . Has anyone any experience or knowledge if what mechanisms are in place when these events happen - should there be an enquiry for example ? 
thank you 

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I'm sorry to hear that @Blodwen

There should be procedures in place at the private hospital to raise concerns directly with them as a complaint. 

However, if you have tried that and got nowhere, I would advise you to take a look at the AvMA website which provide clear and straightforward information on the steps you can take and guide you through making a complaint: 

AvMA - Complaints about NHS or private healthcare

Also, PHIN has information on making a complaint as a private patient:

PHIN - Making a complaint as a private patient

I hope that helps. 

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Thank you but I’ve tried everything you mention and more.

because I wasn’t really told the full extent of my complication ( enterocutaneous fistula), I never complained, I assumed it would heal or could be fixed.  When I did take it up with the hospital they said they had no responsibilities for patients, private hospitals are merely hosts.  The consultant was and is still seeing me, as I was private there are no other means of support.  ( no PALS, no Community Health Council, no ombudsman ).

AvMA have been helpful but say my only option is the legal route but I’m out of time.

Phin just provided statistics to help you decide what hospital or surgeon to chose in the private sector.

the regulatory body for Independent hospitals is ISCAS who will only help if you’ve put in a first tier complaint.  But as I say I was told I had nothing to complain about. ( 3 stoma bags !). 

I cannot see where private patients are advised of any of this prior to surgery.  How can that be right, I would have certainly managed my expectations better .


thank you for taking the trouble to reply, it is much appreciated. 



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