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    I help the operation, direction and development of Patient Safety Learning.
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    There are many bad things about the work situation you describe. The worst thing about this (to my eyes) is that this describes the norm, not the exception. And the attritional effect of constantly having to scramble to meet the minimum needs of your patients, comply with regulatory demands and trying to keep your patients comfortable, cared for and treated well must eventually wear you down. It raises a number of questions. First, it's clearly not safe. Lack of of cover means you can't give patients the attention they may need. If a patient's condition deteriorates suddenly, nurses
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    Excellent Danielle - I look forward to hearing the ideas! Thanks for keeping us up to date.
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    World Patient Safety Day is a great idea to engage people to think about and act on patient safety. Many people will be doing things on the ground to mark the day, making people aware of patient safety and perhaps, taking actions to make things better. Danielle's idea is a great example. Patient Safety Learning's recent report, A Blueprint for Action (www.patientsafetylearning.org/resources/blueprint), identified six foundations of patient safety and the action we will take or instigate to address them. We propose to mark World Patient Safety Day by building on this work. We