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    Newly appointed into a patient safety and risk role looking for support and learning from others experienced in a similar role
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    Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust
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    Deputy Head of Quality Governance, Risk and Patient Safety

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  1. Community Post
    I like this idea! simple and easy to do in the time scale - will ask my team for ideas at our meeting later in the week
  2. Community Post
    Following the Patient safety Congress, World Patient Safety Day is coming up very soon, 17th September. is anyone planning to do anything in their organisation? I re call that NHS Improvement said they will be supporting this but can't see any mention of this yet on the website.
  3. Community Post
    Hi Helen I have nothing to share I'm afraid as I only received a paper copy and have now disposed of it. But as I mentioned to Claire above, I met all the right people and been to all the right meetings, provided with policies but need more practical information on how to do tasks now.
  4. Community Post
    Hi Claire Yes I sit in the Quality and Standards division and have 2 staff members, band 6 and 4 who know their roles inside out, and another colleague who has been covering my role since my predecessor left has showed me the basics, however, I have had to do a lot of searching of the shared folders and learning what to do by default. Induction was great in terms of meeting the right people and going to the right meetings, but actually now that I am in week 4, I need to know the practical stuff, could do with more SOPs on processes , eg how to report an serious incident. It is turning int
  5. Community Post
    I am new in post too but have had a an excellent induction but despite this still need more help in developing what has just happened before me