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    Patient experience led to 30 years as user representative, healthcare activist, writer, author, speaker and in medical education. I co-authored an article in Health Care Risk Report with Katharine Tylko and have written in BMJ, HSJ and other medical journals. I have held patient rep roles with several Medical Royal Colleges and many other organisations. I am as concerned for staff as I am for patients, especially those who try to whistleblow.
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    Health activist, writer, author.

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  1. Content Article Comment
    You might already have this - his series is clear and very informative.
  2. Article Comment
    I'm greatly heartened by these comments. Also sad that clinicians with integrity can be badly affected by the profession closing ranks. I can only wonder at the dreadful effect on individuals who really care but dare not speak out - they are surely harmed, as are the victims. I think you would find that patient advocates, and especially 'radical' patient advocates, did not want to find themselves on such a journey. Having raised their heads above the parapet they then feel driven to continue trying to bring about change - because barriers to openness and justice are embedded in the system. I'm not just referring to unnecessarry deaths. Thank you Steve Turner.
  3. Community Post
    Thanks Steve. Once I had started speaking out about healthcare matters (30-odd years ago!) I felt freed to say what needed to be said - on behalf of patients and also professionals. It's ongoing.
  4. Community Post
    Great to see this problem on someone's agenda! For many years I've been appalled by the dreadful injustice meted out to healthcare workers who whistleblow for the sake of patient safety. Patients (too often) are also afraid to speak out - those who do so simply meet brick walls.