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    My role as a Critical Care Outreach Sister gives me a strong passion for patient safety as well as learning from others.
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    Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals
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    Critical Care Outreach Sister

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  1. Community Post
    Hello I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has done any work on how we monitor patient deterioration overnight? I am currently working on am improvement project looking at patient surveillance of deterioration during night shifts. I have chosen this project as part of a Clinical Improvement Scholarship Program I am on. The program is combined with my day job as a Critical Care Outreach Sister as well as enabling me to develop my research and leadership skills alongside implementing improvements in clinical care. I am in the early stages of my work, however I have some literature and local research around deficiencies in how we monitor patients for deterioration overnight (as well as personal experiences as a CCOT nurse) which is why this topic is so important to me. I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has worked on anything similar, or can point me in the direction of anyone who maybe able to help. Thank you ?
  2. Content Article Comment
    Good Luck @Danielle Haupt let us know how you get on. We have had 8 calls in our first 3 months of the call of concern service. As well as all appropriate call, It's also highlighted the patients we are called about have either had complex needs or in a vulnerable patient group such as dementia and learning disability. Still early days for us, but one bit of advice I would say is, don't underestimate the amount of advertising you need to do!
  3. Content Article Comment
    We have also implemented this service at Brighton and Sussex University Hospitals - we only launched it this month but had 2 calls in the first week. So far the feedback has mostly been positive. We are also going to collect similar data Mandy Odel collected for her publication. call4concernleaflet July 2019.pdf