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    I am Clinical Nurse Specialist in Specialist Supportive and Palliative Care at The Christie Foundation Trust, Manchester. I have a background in Intensive Care, Management and Teaching, and lead on Corneal Donation and Advanced Care Planning in my Trust.
    I am a Climate Change activist – both at home and in work, and passionate about getting the Climate Emergency health message out to other Health Care Professionals – presenting on this subject both inside and outside my hospital. Carbon Literate, and a Carbon Literacy trainer, I lead on Clinical Sustainability in my Trust.
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    The Christie NHS foundation Trust
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    CNS Supportive & Palliative Care, Clinical Sustainability

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    This year’s Lancet Countdown report, 2022 on Health and Climate Change (a collaboration of over 120 leading experts from UN countries and academic institutions) warns that ‘the health of people around the world is at the mercy of a persistent fossil fuel addiction’. The report makes it “clearer than ever that we are at a critical point” says Rachel Stancliffe, Director of The Centre for Sustainable Healthcare, and that “if we continue as we are, including subsidising fossil fuels, we will be locked into a devastating future for the children of today”. The report states how alarming thing
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    The impact of climate change on public health is extensive (see diagram from the Centre for Sustainable Healthcare below) and has been declared an ‘emergency’. The climate crisis threatens to undo the gains we made to public health over the last 50 years and threatens the lives of millions. It impacts on the most vulnerable members of society – those who contribute to global warming the least and who are least resilient to its effects. Avoidable deaths are happening now – we’ve seen the devastation caused by the recent floods in Pakistan, and the ongoing famine in Somali
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    Climate change: a health emergency The NHS has a huge carbon footprint, producing around 25 million tonnes of carbon a year – equivalent to all the emissions from Sri Lanka! Carbon dioxide emissions attributable to the NHS in England are greater than the annual emissions of all the aircraft leaving Heathrow, and if healthcare was a country, it would be the fifth largest polluter! The NHS declared climate change, ‘a health emergency’ – it undermines the foundations of good health, deepens health inequalities and threatens to undermine the gains made in public health over the last 50 years.