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    Im the theatre lead at the univeristy hospitals of Derby and Burton. I am currently undertaking a PhD. The PhD is looking at patient safety, in particular, never events in the operating theatres
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    University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS FT
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    Theatre Lead

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    Good morning, The training is something that I feel should be done and be mandated from NHSE/I. The CRM training worked in aviation, and this style of training must be replicated annually across the NHS
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    Good morning. The primary research is commencing hopefully in October ,once I have Ethics approval from the University and IRAS. The research will be done via three Delphi rounds and Focus Groups.
  3. Content Article
    The World Health Organization (WHO) introduced the surgical safety checklist in 2009 after a successful trial in eight pilot countries; the term ‘Never Event’ has been in existence since 2001.[1] NHS England defines a Never Event as; “Serious incidents that are entirely preventable because guidance of safety recommendations providing strong systematic barriers are available at a national level and should have been implemented by all healthcare providers.” The current list of Never Events still only classes three reportable intra-operative ‘Never Events’: wrong site surgery, wrong imp
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    A really good article. I personally will be taking this to my next safer surgery meeting at the organisation I work for.