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    I am promoting the Below Ten Thousand feet concept to reduce noise and distraction in the operating theatre to improve patient safety
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    East Lancashire Hospitals Trust
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    Scrub Nurse

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  1. Community Post
    Hi Kirsty, Is this just for Kettering Hospital staff. I am developing a Noise / Distraction awareness workshop which incorporates Below Ten Thousand which I am hoping to get out to hospitals Nationally, would this be of any interest to the 'Kettering Dragons'? Many thanks Rob
  2. Community Post
    Hello, I have just presented the Below Ten Thousand Concept to a patient participation group. I can tell you that they were so interested and willing to be involved in the concept. After this I then read the excellent review of your conference in The Clinical Services Journal; in particular Jo Hughes from Mothers Instinct's thoughts. Very hard hitting and much needed which was followed by a quote from the Chief Executive Peter Walsh "Overall there is a role for patient engagement at every level of care. Patients can help to keep themselves safe, remain engaged if something does go wrong and contribute their knowledge to patient safety initiatives across the system". I am in the process of developing a workshop which focuses on Never Events and Noise / Distraction in the operating theatre. It is being designed with all members of the operating team and patients involved too. I am really excited and have received some great help from Claire Cox. I have attached a paper I wrote a while ago. If anyone would like any information or would like to chat please get in touch,AFPP Article.pdf Rob Tomlinson
  3. Community Post
    Patients would be the judges.... we could pitch a new idea / QI Project that may need some funding? This could be open to healthcare staff with innovative ideas instead of having them rejected by hierarchy... let the patients choose?
  4. Community Post
    I am not a patient but I met a lady in Ireland who was speaking at the same conference I was. Her husband sadly lost his life due to a lack of resources / distraction in the operating theatre. I am going to contact her as she has been on my mind quite alot since my visit to Ireland. I think she would love hear about Patient Safety Learning. My Blog kind of explains why she has been on my mind. https://www.belowtenthousand.com/single-post/2019/09/23/Rob-in-the-Emerald-Isle
  5. Community Post
    I'm going straight to through the hospital doors, down the corridor, to the ward and then the operating theatre. This is where the patient experience can be really scary. We walk the theatre corridors, anaesthetic rooms, theatres, recovery area everyday.......not so scary for us. Do we give the best standard of care we can give, to every patient? 100% of the time?? Or do we need help in doing this? We are human and not perfect. I don't even look at the walls on the corridor.......... some posters have been there years? out of date? Does all of this information not scare patients? I'm interested in being honest with ourselves and welcome anything that will help us be as compassionate as we can for every patient we meet. I'm interested in methods out there to help us do this, Rob
  6. Community Post
    Hi, My 1st post on here. I am championing a concept called Below Ten Thousand in the operating theatre. It's basically a language tool that allows any member of the team to call 'Below Ten Thousand' if we have lost situational awareness, it is too noisy or there is just too much distraction in the theatre. I love this concept for so many reasons but 1 is that when patients are undergoing surgery they are totally in 'our hands' so see this as giving them a voice so to speak when they are asleep. I am posting this because this concept is a QI project where in the future I hope to involve the patients in writing the Standard Operating Procedure? I would love to present the concept to a patient group. I have even wondered are there any Dragons Den competitions in the NHS that are judged by patients?? Not judged by a hierarchy........ Thank you for reading, Rob Tomlinson