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    I am a registered nurse with an interest in improving both patient and staff safety using Human Factors/ Ergonomic science and practice.
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    Dartford & Gravesham NHS Trust
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    Human Factors & Simulation Training Officer

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    The current emergency is unprecedented. Health care professionals (HCPs) who have retired are being asked to re-join their registers and return to frontline care. Demand in ITU/HDU beds is such that staff will be asked to work in areas that will stretch their knowledge and skills in support of the teams already working there. The issues with supply chains, normally an annoyance rather than a calamity, will now have a massive impact on the safety of staff as well as patients. I'm sure people have seen the images of staff wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) for hours on end. I
  2. Content Article Comment
    Thanks for sharing and good to see some recognition of nurse concern creeping back in.
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    I’m looking at SBAR currently and the expectations of the tool. It’s interesting that it’s application has been heavily linked to handover but this is not the original purpose. Increasingly, the medical profession are seeing it as not fit for purpose but I suspect (and am looking at at the moment) the actual problem is using the wrong tool for the purpose.
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    Hi I have been working in a presentation we are giving at ASPiH in November around the work we have done using simulation to test systems and processes. we have done this in two ways. Firstly as a by-product of an educational in situ simulation in s clinical environment where a latent threat has been identified. In this case we will work with the area in looking at just what contributes to the threat and ways that may help. The second way (and with my HF head on, more exciting) has been setting out to test a process. We have done this several times now and have had some real suc