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    This is what happened to me. I did not have a compassionate nurse, and I might as well have been a piece of meat who caused both the nurse or healthcare assisitant, and the female Dr, ( neither or whom introduced themselves ) inconvenience by passing out due to the indescribable pain. I have not had children and was post menopausal at the tie of my barbaric procedure. I also had really bad period pains from day one, all of which are contraindications for OPH.
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    I had an outpatient hysteroscopy for which my informed consent was not obtained. This was before Montogomery rules applied. I was completely misled re: the possibility of pain. If it was mentioned at all, it would have been described as being like period pain. As I had suffered from severe dysmenorrhoea from day one, I might have considered this to be acceptable. I was not offered any pain relief, nor was I given the option of a GA. I was most definitely not a candidate for this procedure as an outpatient: I was post menopausal, have not given birth, and have a retroverted uterus, all of which are contraindications. I have never felt such pain in my life. It was absolutely excruciating, and as a result I dropped my blood pressure to my boots ( I assume, because no observations were recorded, which is in itself unacceptable ). In layman's terms, I passed out. Not only did the female Dr who performed this torture shove the hysteroscope through my cervix roughly, she took an endometrial biopsy, which was when I passed out. There was no help from what I presume was a nurse, who was also present, and I was unceremoniously dumped in a corridor, with oxygen in situ, for about half an hour, my reaction clearly being a source of irritation to both members of staff. I was led to believe that my response to their barbarity was as rare as hen's teeth, only to discover years later that it was not, indeed it is a common occurrence. This practice is being promoted inappropriately as the gold standard for the investigation of heavy menstrual bleeding, but this is a disgrace of national proportions.