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    I was post menopausal, have never been pregnant, and have a retroverted uterus - none of which was taken note of when I had my horrendous OP hysteroscopy. In other words, I was never, ever a candidate for this procedure on an OP basis, nor did I give informed consent under the rules in force at the time. I nursed for 40 years and was taught to treat people as individuals, as well as tell them the truth. Unfortunately this seems to be extremely rare in the case of OP hysteroscopies. The medical model seems to me to be to hope that nobody will research the procedure before having it. Had I done
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    This is what happened to me. I did not have a compassionate nurse, and I might as well have been a piece of meat who caused both the nurse or healthcare assisitant, and the female Dr, ( neither or whom introduced themselves ) inconvenience by passing out due to the indescribable pain. I have not had children and was post menopausal at the tie of my barbaric procedure. I also had really bad period pains from day one, all of which are contraindications for OPH.
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    I had an outpatient hysteroscopy for which my informed consent was not obtained. This was before Montogomery rules applied. I was completely misled re: the possibility of pain. If it was mentioned at all, it would have been described as being like period pain. As I had suffered from severe dysmenorrhoea from day one, I might have considered this to be acceptable. I was not offered any pain relief, nor was I given the option of a GA. I was most definitely not a candidate for this procedure as an outpatient: I was post menopausal, have not given birth, and have a retroverted uterus, all of whic