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    I am a theatre nurse with a passion to support colleagues involved in safety incidents. I am the founder of SISOS safety Incident Supporting Our Staff a second victim support initiative .
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    All of our colleagues deserve confidential compassionate, empathetic support when things go wrong
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    I lead SISOS at Chase Farm Hospital where it was initiated and support staff throughout the Royal Free Trust where I work.

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    Bullying and scapegoating ride on the back of fear: When things go wrong or have an outcome that we were not anticipating different aspects of second victim phenomenon kick in, such as shame, guilt and fear. It is terrifying to fear for the loss of one’s professional registration or to be recognised as the care worker who damaged the reputation of your organisation. Quite apart from the pain and accompanying worry of knowing that you may have brought harm to your patient. Encouraging openness and honesty, permits emotional healing, supports staff retention and reduces the number of safety inci
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    Today I was both humbled and deeply moved. The Royal Free Trust (RFT) continue to take the health and well-being of it's staff seriously. I’m proud to say I’m one of them. In response to COVID-19, a multidisciplinary group have been tasked to specifically look at how staff can be supported through the pandemic. It recognises that the support will need to be multi-faceted and my role as the founder of SISOS (Safety Incident Supporting Our Staff) and present SISOS lead will be to help provide emotional peer-led support for our staff alongside chaplaincy and varied mental health profes
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    As a second victim, on reflection, the two things I recognised that I had needed were peer support and a safe psychological space. A place where I could have been supported and my dignity protected. Over the years I’ve seen too many of my colleagues breaking down in the tea room, hiding in the sluice, or crying in the toilets. This is not acceptable. The NHS Constitution Key principal three states: "Respect, dignity, compassion and care should be at the core of how patients and staff are treated not only because that is the right thing to do but because patient safety, experience and
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    A flower does not think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. (Zenkei Shibayama) My original presentation of SISOS to the department where I work (theatres) had a huge impact and colleagues recognised the need for it and wanted it. Strong leadership and commitment is essential. I have faced challenges along the way and so far have managed to keep going, but it hasn’t always been easy. I will talk about those challenges as I go. There have been times when I have questioned why I’ve kept going and every so often that question is answered. At a recent conference
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    The Journey In the changing rooms where I worked as a scrub nurse, I overheard a group of nurses discussing the distressed state of a young doctor. There had been a never event in their theatre that day and the young doctor was the operating surgeon. Moved to tears I wanted to go and put my arms around that doctor but I didn’t feel that I had ‘permission’. ‘It was none of my business, what if I made things worse?’ So I dumped my scrub suit into the laundry bin, put my theatre shoes away and went home. I’m a theatre nurse but more importantly I’m a mother, the mother of a young do
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    This initiative was set up by theatre nurse, Carol Menashy, Chase Farm Hospital, the Royal Free NHS Foundation Trust. It is a fun game to get staff in the operating theatre to really think about cost and wastage within theatres. While playing the game – Twist and Shout, by the Beatles is played. Attached are some fun exercises with shopping lists for various procedures where teams vie to get the closest estimate to the actual cost. Worked out by senior staff. Nearest team wins a box of toffees. Also, we do a cost awareness exercise audit fun day. Monthly audit of the cost buster bin