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    I am a patient safety investigations and learning specialist and seeking to improve my knowledge base
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    https://improvement.nhs.uk/home/ For information published today
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    Thanks this is interesting having worked with restorative justice practioners I am (subject to budgets!) looking to adopt this into the learning environment so a useful debate subject Keith
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    Hi, Sorry meant to attach this scoping document have converted to pdf and hope it is of some use. RCA in this method is just an analytical tool and we are moving away from the term root cause Overview Patient Safety Investigations.pdfOverview Patient Safety Investigations.pdf
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    If the trust owns the data e.g. records, statements from staff etc it is usually not an issue, the questions is raised when a patient/family may have their own material e.g. video/audio/photograps on smartphones or other correspondence such as letters or emails etc. Personaly I would always ensure I have written consent from them to use it. This could be recorded in for example their witness statement saying that they consent to abc using the material for the purposes of the investigation, and what will happen to the material once the investigation is concluded. I would not want want for example an aggrieved party who is not later happy with the investigation outcome to then be using a complaint to the information commissioners on the issue of consent or the retention of data (post) and written is provable where verbal may be a contentious point. All information is subject to GDPR. Section from Recital 42 GDPR " Where processing is based on the data subject’s consent, the controller should be able to demonstrate that the data subject has given consent to the processing operation. In particular in the context of a written declaration on another matter, safeguards should ensure that the data subject is aware of the fact that and the extent to which consent is given"
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    Hi all I don't think the documents and the detail will be ready until next year buut I have modelled out an approach taken from my own background and researching a number of sources and unapoligetic for plagerising some ideas also. This short pdf is about my designing of a process that can be adaptive to change and develop some consistency across our trust in due course. I would of course appreciate alternative views, constructive comments and ideas, as I say it lacks areas of detail which I can elaborate on if required as I say just an outline. KeithPatient Safety Investigations Model design.pdf
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    I have currently designed an investigation method and a training model which is under consideration with the trust a step/method approach, as soon as it has been agreed I will happily post. It has moved away from RCA per se, but still retaining it as an analytical tool within alongside other approaches. The method looks at investigative foundations, investigative methodology, witness interviewing, support tools and methods of analysis, hierarchy of learning and recomendations, supporting families, staff and establishing what is need for systems change. I am trying to make it a more flexible investigative approach that can respond to incident at hand. As aluded to above I agree from my time here there are repeated themes/events/learning and beyond this method I want to look at systems contsraints that enforce the necessary behaviour changes e.g. People, Systems and Tasks Keith Investigations & Learning Specialist Royal Wolverhampton Trust