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    I am an Occupational Health and Safety Consultant in Nigeria.
    I am also a Patient Safety Ambassador.
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    Occupational Health and Safety Managers
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    Chief Executive Officer

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  1. Content Article
    In his latest blog, Ehi Iden, hub topic lead for Occupational Health and Safety, OSHAfrica, discusses the importance of documenting and learning from patient safety incidences. Using a fictional story to draw parallels from, Ehi highlights how accountability, leadership and reporting incidences will help us keep staff and patients safe.
  2. Content Article
    It has become imperative that we discuss the issue of mental health in doctors and other healthcare staff. The mental wellbeing of a healthcare staff forms the bedrock of patient safety. It takes a safe and supported person to deliver safe healthcare and we must give this attention as we try to find ways to improve the quality of care within our healthcare systems. Ehi Iden, hub topic lead for Occupational Health and Safety, OSHAfrica, reflects on the increasing workload and pressure healthcare professionals face, the impact this has on patient safety and why we need to start 're-humanising' the workplace.
  3. Content Article
    Ehi Iden, hub topic lead for Occupational Health and Safety: OSHAfrica, reflects on a patient safety incident early on in his career.
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