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    This 'Kindness in healthcare' website is the home for ‘conversation for kindness’, which is a monthly meeting that was set up in the summer of 2020 by a group of colleagues and friends working in healthcare across Sweden, the UK and the USA.

    The initial purpose of getting together was to have some time together to continue some initial conversations around kindness, and to explore its role at the ‘business end’ of healthcare.

    As the conversation has developed, interest in this work has grown and it now has contributors from almost 30 different countries across the globe.

    The monthly virtual call takes place the 3rd Thursday of every month (6-7pm GMT) and its focus is on listening, learning, thinking differently and mobilising for action It's an open culture of sharing of resources, energy and ideas.


    Eight themes have emerged from discussions to date:

    1. Kindness is a choice of action
    2. Kindness is a cycle – being kind stimulates more kindness
    3. There is a strong therapeutic role for kindness
    4. Challenging unkindness is a crucial part of the story
    5. Small acts of kindness can have a big impact
    6. Kindness has to be at the business end of healthcare
    7. Kindness links to (and leads to) so much else
    8. Leading with & for kindness – we can together grow kindness

    You can find presentations and resources from the monthly meetings, related publications and teaching materials on the Kindness in healthcare website.

    Kindness in healthcare website https://kindnessinhealthcare.world/
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