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    Hi Claire, there is some guidance available in this area. Trusts must utilise a professional judgement tool to map activity/acuity to define the required establishment position. This of course isn't an exact science and could be open to bias driven by financial/recruitment of workforce barriers etc. Nice offer guidance for general adult inpatient settings. https://pathways.nice.org.uk/pathways/safe-staffing-for-nursing-in-adult-inpatient-wards-in-acute-hospitals/principles-for-determining-nursing-staff-requirements-in-adult-inpatient-wards-in-acute-hospitals.pdf For Em
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    I don't think that Occupied bed days can apply to an outpatient setting. what may add value is to agree a standardised probability measure to define the incidence of harm. This could be as crude as episodes of harm/per 1,000 appointments/interactions, however that wouldn't be of sufficient quality to meaningfully differentiate between the associated risks of different procedural types etc A further breakdown against actual activity/procedural type would help to identify areas of high risk and support targeted interventions to ensure effective mitigation. Neal.