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    I identify as Patient Leader which is an EbyE with specific leadership training and set ethos
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    I am independent but work with local trust, council & 3rd sector. Also NHSE & Leadership Academy
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    As someone who works with NHS and actually as a Mental Health and Physical Health patient I've experienced discrimination and out right assault by the police whilst in hospital and ended up under S136 for no valid reason. Although I was assaulted with handcuffs being thrown over the bed rail, breaking my wrist I think. Still not had my mangled wrist xrayed 2 months on. Nothing worse than being in a vulnerable situation and bullies absolutely thrive on people in vulnerable positions. Their bosses think they're wonderful and so kind but they are in a position of power so of course th
  2. Content Article Comment
    I'm ashamed to say I didn't know all this but then it can be tough just getting my teeth cleaned some days. Steve, you've done some incredible work here and so has Will clearly. No small feat to get that Duty of Candour through but I understand now much better why that is insufficient and we absolutely need to bang the drum on this one. I remember my Dad getting investigated by GMC over false claims. It nearly destroyed him with stress but I know he wouldn't have had it any other way as Dad absolutely believed in accountability and I know how frustrated he would get over wrongdoing o
  3. Content Article Comment
    Great blog Steve, I must check out those links at the bottom too. Definitely must book that video chat on prescribing. Still want to do blog counter argument over use of opioids long term. However I do hope Medical Cannabis is embraced as I know that could reduce amount of opiods needed for quality of life. I'm a libertarian and believe as long as we are given the facts and any warnings, then it should be upto the Patient to choose what medication they put into their bodies! So sick of hearing people having opiods cut to zero and not a thing to replace them. They are treated and tho