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    Founder and Managing Director of MedLed, and a former international athlete (British Rowing Team) and coach (Rowing South Africa). I have competed in several World Championships whilst studying Leadership and Sports Psychology at Reading University, and coached the first ever women’s World Championship Medallist for South Africa. After a decade of developing and delivering high performance programmes in sport, education and business I have spent the last 6 years specialising in working with teams and organisations in healthcare.
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  1. Community Post
    Here's a recent interesting blog post on leadership under pressure https://www.med-led.co.uk/2019/08/19/under-pressure/
  2. Community Post
    Hi Claire - I think the issue of coping with the demand of increased reporting is an 'elephant in the room' issue. Otherwise we end up with yo-yo'ing between a huge surge in reports, which leads to overwhelm for those receiving them and therefore a lack of feedback to those at the front line. Which then in turn leads to a gradual decrease in reporting, and thus making it very hard for the organisation to draw any meaningful conclusions from the data - ie. Are we seeing increase/decrease in certain trends because they are happening more/less or simply because people are reporting more/less. Yet again this does come back to some extent to staffing issues, but not entirely as even in places with few/no vacancies in clinical management posts, people rarely get much/any protected time for analysing report data. I think this really comes back to the overarching PSL theme of professionalising patient safety, and part of that is seeing the analysis of report data as a vital role that needs sufficient skills, training and protected time - not just an add on to an already overloaded clinician's role.
  3. Content Article Comment
    It would be interesting to compare these with others that have been developed in other trusts. Is it possible to standardise or do they need to be locally developed?